Rantizon Led Makeup Mirror 20 Light Bulbs Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror 180簞 Horizontal Or Vertical Rotation Table Top Vanity Mirror Removable 10 x Magnification Spot, Touch Screen, Shaving Mirror With Stand And Storage Tray for Bathroom, Bedroom, Travel, Dressing 


Great price

bright LED lighting 

10x Close up mirror included

anti-scratch and fingerprint

rectangular design

make up tray

The Rantizon’s 20 LED lights mirror has an attractive professional design. It’s created from ABS material so therefore anti-scratch and no fingerprint marks. Perfect for those makeup enthusiasts and those glamour girls.

This mirror provides you with 20 brightly illuminating LED lights that brightens up your face while applying makeup. Essential lighting is always beneficial.These lights are easily toggled on and off by touch. The lights can also be adjusted from dim to bright.

The included 10x circular mirror comes in handy for those close ups. This can be attached to your larger mirror via tiny suction cups or can just be used as a take along mirror. 

The stand is fully adjustable. 180 degrees rotation. Vertical and horizontal orientation. Allows you to position the mirror to meet your needs.

The stand has a tray for all your makeup essentials and the best part is they will never roll away from you especially those lipstick tubes. This was well thought out.

This is an ideal mirror that makes you look your best and also you will feel your best just by using it. I love it and I know you will too!

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Women Sun Hat, Wide Brim Sun Hats, Sun Cap with Neck Flap 


great price

3 colours to choose


fully adjustable

protects you from the sun

An attractive stylish ladies hat. Perfect for outings in the the beautiful sun. There are three vibrant colours to choose and mine is the aquamarine because this colour is very Summer.

The hat can be worn in a variety of ways to protect you from the sun, wind, or insects. It’s exactly what the company promises. 

This is very comfortable. Breathable material. All features are adjustable. I would recommend hand washing and air drying.

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TOUCHBeauty 360 Rotary Facial Cleansing Brush with PBT Brush & Convenient Stand, AS-0759D Waterproof Face & Body Cleanser, Best Skin Deeply Cleansing Device 


great price

360 degree rotation brush

2 speed settings

comfortable hold


battery operated 


brush stand included

This facial cleansing brush really makes my facial skin feel refreshed and clean. I honestly don’t know how I ever went without one. It feels so good after I am done using it. 

The cleansing brush comes with a stand to hold it when its not in use and its handy to store it while it’s air drying. The brush is battery operated by 2 AA batteries and the whole thing is waterproof. There is two modes, gentle and deep cleansing. The brush is gentle and exfoliates and cleanses.

What I do is use a foam cleanser and I dip the bristles of the brush and then start using. The brush really distributes the foam far better than when I do it by hand. It gives my skin a deep cleaning especially when I use the deep cleansing mode which is the faster speed of the brush. It’s so easy to use and the handle is comfortable and easy to maneuver. It’s really just that simple.

Once I am finished I rinse my face off and then I rinse my brush off with warm water and store it in its stand to dry. I would recommend using over a sink of course. 

The results leave me with a cleaner feeling face and my lotion absorbs easier and the lotion feels more smoother after applying. I typically do this twice a day, morning and night. It’s actually become a daily routine for me and I love the way it makes me feel.

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Lanxim Professional 1 1/4-Inch Flat Iron LCD Display Auto Shutoff Hair Straightener Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron with Temp Setting,Heat Resistant Travel Bag,MCH Fast Heat Straighteners


great price

2-1 curler & straightener 

heats in 15 seconds

no hair pulling

Great for any hair type 

This is a great 2-in-1 curler and hair straightener which is great for any hair type whether you have thin or super thick like mine. I love it because it’s so easy to use and works like a charm for my thick hair.

The straightener has a lot of features that my old one never had. This one has different heat settings that display on its LCD display. The temperatures can be set for different hair types. There is 11 settings in total. This heats up within 15 seconds so its perfect to use if you’re in a rush and being a busy mom… well I know all about rushing.

The straightener is easy to use and the instructions are included in the package. Read them because there are a lot of great stuff that could help you out to learn this product. Included is a few clips and a stylish storage bag. The bag is perfect for travelling.

Overall, it’s a great straightener that is quick and easy giving you the results you want. I’m positive you will love it as much as I do.

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Rechargeable Sonic Vibration Facial Eye Massager, 45 Heated Anti-Wrinkle Massager Wand, Portable Skin Care Ionic Infusion Device for Puffiness and Dark Circles 


slim and lightweight

portable massager

warms in 3 seconds

touch sensitive 


charge cable included


a Little expensive in my opinion

This facial and eye massager is supposed to be helpful with puffy, tired, and bags under the eyes. It’s also widely used to help open pores to allow better absorption of creams. This is my first experience with one of these products and I am not sure what to expect but I can express what I think about it.

What I am using this massager basically for is the opening of my pores on my face to allow the cream to soak in better. I use a lot of facial creams so I definitely think this is what I need to use on a daily basis. I’m still young so I don’t get tired puffy eyes so I can’t relate to that.

The massager feels good. I really mean that. The warmth and massage makes my face feel relaxed. This massager heats up literally in 3 seconds. It’s touch sensitive so as soon as I touch it on my face its activated. It’s so easy to use and quick.

The massager is slim and compact. Lightweight. It can fit in my purse easily so I can take it anywhere. It comes with a rechargeable cable but no wall block so you might have to carry one of those with you.

This product is not an overnight fix. To really get the benefits from using this your going to have to be patient. I have been using it for about a week now and I can honestly say it feels great. As for results… I am not overly sure yet but its promising so I will continue to use it. 

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Teardrop Aromatherapy Necklace



歹 great price

歹 gorgeous pendent 

歹 chain included

歹 oil of choice included

歹 reusable balls

歹 a beautiful gift idea

This is a beautifully designed aromatherapy necklace in the shape of a teardrop. It’s elegant and unique. It accentuates any outfit. Makes you look and feel your best. I love it and now its my favourite necklace.

Essential oils have become a huge part of my life recently. They are amazing because of their health benefits and lingering aromas. My teardrop necklace now lets me take my oil effects anywhere I go and I get to enjoy them all day long.

At the moment I have Lavender oil in my pendant and I have noticed the scent still lingers after 2 days. It smells wonderful. I would recommend no more then 2 drops of oil on the ball. That’s what I do. 

The teardrop pendant is silver measuring 1″ x 1/2″. It opens up so you can place one or two balls inside which contain the essential oils. It’s easy to open but make sure the chain is off.

The balls come included and are a variety of colours. They can be reused a few times with different oils. I just leave the ball I have used on my counter for a day or so to air out the leftover oil and then place a few drops of a new oil on it. The necklace comes with a bunch of balls that will last me a long while.

A snake chain with lobster clasp comes with this pendant and I can assure you the chain is strong.

歹 About Izzybell

Izzybell Jewelry is a dedicated company bringing their beautiful creative jewellery to everyone. Their unique, passionate, and committed to their beautiful designs and oils. Their website is full of gorgeous aromatherapy jewelry and tons of great information.

歹 Website:

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Purely Great Lavender Deodorant


歹 great price

歹 lavender fragrance 

歹 100% natural 

歹 long lasting results

歹 safe for you

I’m really impressed with the performance of this cream deodorant. It leaves a long lasting result and I never smell anymore. I am a busy mom with two young daughters and my life is crazy hectic. This deodorant helps keep me smelling fresh and dry all day even when I am running around.

The lavender scent is incredible. I love lavender. The scent dosen’t last long but after it wears off I notice there is absolutely no smell under my arms. It’s pretty amazing.

The cream goes on easily and you rub a tiny bit under the arm until it absorbs. Quick and easy. The cream can be a little messy but can be overlooked. 

I’m really glad I got to try a new all natural deodorant that gives me the results I have been searching for. I wonder if my typical bran had a chemical that wasn’t agreeing with me. I often smelled shortly after I applied it. This is not the case with Purely Great’s cream based deodorant.

歹 About Purely Great:

Purely Great is a Canadian family company that was founded in 2011. They care about the wellness of their customers and they are an eco-conscience company. Purely Great has a wide range of 100% natural deodorants to meet everybody’s needs. You can visit their website for lots of great information and to order.

歹 Website:

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