Roller Balls for Essential Oils by PrettyCare ( Colorful Glass, 12pack24 Pieces Labels, Opener, 2 Funnels ) Essential Oils Roller Balls

🦋 attractive bottles

🦋 Great for take a long

🦋 easy to use

🦋 glides oils smoothly

🦋 A great gift idea

🦋 funnels included for easy pouring

This lovely set of 12 Roll-on bottles for essential oils are a must have for any essential oil lover like myself. These bottles are so handy to carry around your oils.

The bottles are very pretty with their variety of colours. Each one is slender and fits well into a purse, pocket, baby bag, or just about anything for that take along aromatherapy fix.

The roller ball inside the bottle is what will apply your oils. Personally, I love carrying around lavender and every now and again roll a slight amount behind my ears or on my wrist. It smells amazing.

So basically what you get are the 12 pretty botttles, extra roller balls, and 2 funnels. Everything you need to be able to take along your oils.

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Jewelry Box LELADY Portable Travel Jewelry Organizer Faux Leather Storage Case Holder for Earrings Rings Necklaces, Gifts for Women, Mini Size, White


❤️ Great price

❤️ portable and great for travel

❤️ 10cm x 10cm x 5cm

❤️ A wonderful gift idea

❤️ keeps your belongings safe

This is the perfect travel jewelry box I have ever owned.It has a classy elegant appearance that could be a wonderful gift idea or just for personal use. It is just the right size for travel or just to hold your jewelry at home. It’s lightweight, compact, and convenient.

The box’s exterior is made of a synthetic leather. The interior is a soft velvet lining to help protect the jewelry. The box has a handy zipper closure. The overall design is well made and elegant.

Inside there are compartments for rings, necklaces,earrings,and bracelets. It can hold six rings comfortably. It can pretty much hold quite a bit of jewelry.

This travel jewelry box from Lelady is a great way to keep all those beautiful belongings with you everywhere you go.

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FLOUREON Twin Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channel Two Way Radios FRS/GMRS3000m UHF Long Range Built-in Microphone Hand Free Best Walkie Talkie (Pink)


🦋 great price

🦋 2 units included

🦋 3 colours to choose

🦋 Great for little hands

🦋 kid friendly and durable

🦋 impressive frequency range

🦋 easy to use

🦋 battery operated

This cute child’s Walkie talkie comes in 3 bright attractive colours perfect for boys and girls. Bought the pink set for my 4-year-old daughter and her little sister who is 2. Even though my youngest is still a bit young she likes pretending its a phone. My oldest and I have fun playing with them. It’s a fun way to communicate.

These walkie talkies have so many nice features built into a small child sized handheld unit. They are perfect to have on-hand in situations such as the park, store, the beach, or just the house if you have multiple levels like I do. Sure beats yelling upstairs lol.

The walkie talkies have an impressive frequency range between 3-5km. With that range I am sure teenagers and adults will love these too. It’s very easy getting a channel for the 2 units with the auto scan. I actually prefer using the scan as it saves time and time is precious when it comes to impatient children right?

The audio is crystal clear and there is no distortion that I have heard so far from using these with my daughter. We can hear each other well.

So far, these children walkie talkies have been a huge hit for the girls and myself included. It’s a great set of units at a reasonable price.

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MOONBROOK Quadcopter FPV Drone Model aircraft with HD Camera 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro WIFI APP Romote Control Headless Mode 3D Flip Fly Helicopter Airplane Toy Altitude Hold and Gravity Sensor Quadcopter Drone (Black)

🦋 great for experienced flyers
🦋 indoor/outdoor flight
🦋 5-8 flight time per charge
🦋 Built in HD camera
4 axis
🦋 6 axis gyroscope
🦋 Voice control option
🦋 trajectory Control option via iPhone
🦋 Remote control include it

This quadcopter is so much fun to fly. The features and functionality are limitless which makes this a great quadcopter compared to other models. Personally, this particular model would be best suited for those who are already experienced in flying.

This quadcopter measures 31.5L x 31.5W x 7.5H (cm) and has a fly time of approximately 5-8 minutes on one charge. It also has a lightweight yet durable design.

The built-in wifi FVP camera gives you access to live photos and video while your copter is in flight. You can view the crystal clear imagery on your iPhone or was easy to set up.

The fact that it can be controlled by voice makes for a unique experience when flying the quadcopter. It responds precisely and accurately by my voice commands and I have had no issues. I actually prefer to control it by my voice because it's so much more fun.

Overall, my experience with this quadcopter has been positive. I love having a more Advanced multi functional quad copter. You can really do lots of little stunts and tricks.

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Coreal Duffle Bag Sports Gym Travel Camping Luggage Including Shoes Compartment Women & Men Pink 


🦋 21L x 11W x 12H (inch)

🦋 variety of colours

🦋 water resistance

🦋 lots of compartments
An ideal duffel bag perfect for travel, sports, the gym, or for any outing really. This stylish duffel bag comes in a variety of 7 colours. It’s a travel must-have essential.

This bag comes with a lot of compartments that can literally hold everything you could possibly need when you go out. It can hold your shoes, clothing, valuables, cellphone, and your toiletries. There is even a compartment on the side to hold a water bottle. It’s even water resistant so this bag will keep your contents safe from water.

The care and maintenance of this bag is minimal and simple. It can be easily wiped down and hung to dry. Make sure you read all of the product information to make sure you fully have an understanding of preserving the integrity of your duffel bag.

I’m really enjoying my stylish pink duffel bag. It’s perfect for me to keep all my belongings and my children’s as well when we travel outside of the home. There are loads of room and this is exactly as I expected when I received it. 

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Rantizon Cosmetic Illuminated LED Lighted Touch Screen Switch Makeup Mirror 16 LED Light Bulbs Adjustable Vanity Mirror Travel Mirror with Stand 


💕 reasonably priced 

💕 Great for travelling 

💕 super illuminating lights 

💕 stand included 

💕 very stylish 
It’s nice being able to sit at the table to put makeup on instead of being hunched over The bathroom sink to use the mirror. That’s what I like most about this mirror. I can put my face on so to speak while sitting at my kitchen table.

The mirror actually resembles my iPad. It is actually quite neat. It’s very stylish and I love having that vanity feeling and that’s all due to the cool bright LED lights that are along each side of the mirror. 

The stand is solid and keeps the mirror in place . This can be taken off if you want to store it in a travel bag or if you have a big enough purse. 

The mirror has a nice crisp reflection image that lets you see the finer details of your face whether you are applyingg makeup or just checking out your appearance. 

I think this is a definite lady’s must-have mirror. It certainly does the trick.

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