Magnetic Screen Doors, Full Frame Magic Mesh Curtains,Instant Screen Door,Keep Bugs Out,Fits Door Up To 34″x82″ Max,Size 36″x83″,Black Vertical Stripe. 


❤️ reasonably priced

❤️ easy installation

❤️ strong magnets 

❤️ durable & heavy duty material 

❤️ keeps bugs out of home

Summer is coming and that means its super hot days and crazy creepy critters. We decided to invest in a magnetic screen door for our back deck. We have a bit of woods out back and that brings quite a bit of bugs and last year we noticed them attempting to get in when the door opened. This year we are trying this screen door to eliminate this problem and at the same time giving us lots of fresh Summer air.

My hubby was the one to install this door and it was done with ease and no time at all. Everything you need comes included. It fits a typical standard door but be sure you measure first anyways. We did. 

The door works great. We can go in and out with ease and the door opens and closes easily. The magnets are strong and the door is durable. Pretty good quality. We are very impressed and can’t wait to see it in action when those nasty critters arrive.

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