placeholder://[UPGRADE] MOKOQI Rotating Star Sky Projection Night Lights Toys Table Lamps with Timer Shut Off & Color Changing For 1 Year Old Baby Girls Boys Bedroom Christmas Gift Baby Nursery Lights(Blue)


great price

bright & colourful

easy to operate

360 rotation

timer functionality

fun for babies

The MOKOQI baby projector is a sweet addition to my toddlers bedtime routine. It has a way of setting a peaceful ambience to her bedroom which helps contribute to her relaxing and falling asleep.

The projector is perfectly sized so it takes up minimal space on a desk, dresser, or shelf. Its easy to operate and has the option of powering by batteries or with the included USB power adapter.

As for the imagery this projector displays, I can honestly say its impressive. The images displayed are bright and vivid. Beautiful moon and stars come alive with the help of the 360簞 rotation option.

Im really pleased overall with this projector. Its beautiful entrancing images has definitely created the perfect relaxing atmosphere for my little one.

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ZEAMO Leisure 2 Person Hammocks Multi-functional Stripes 450lbs Portable Travel Bed Ultralight Cotton Camping Hammock with Backpack (Blue) 


great price

strong comfortable material

280cm long by 150cm wide

2 colours: blue or red

simple setup

Machine washable 

storage bag included

This is a comfortable hammock that I could literally lounge in all day if I had the chance. You could just fall asleep all day. I decided to get a hammock for when my hubby and I go camping this Summer. It’s a great way to relax.

It was indeed incredibly simple to setup. A matter of minutes really and it also helped having my hubby around since he can do strong knots. He did a double half hitch with a square knot on top to prevent the rope from slipping down the tree.

The hammock material is very strong and says it can withstand The maximum weight of 450 lbs. I am only 145 lbs and I know I could’ve added more weight because I felt very secure while I laid in it. I would definitely recommend being very picky with the trees you use as you will want a very strong and sturdy tree.

Overall, this is a great choice for a hammock and I am very pleased with my purchase.

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MiroPure 300ml Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffusers with 7 Color LED Lights plus free Measuring Cup, Wood Grain design 


reasonably priced

ultrasonic diffuser

soothes and relaxes

300 ml capacity

7 colour LED lights

a great nightlight

power adapter included 

100ml cup included

This is my first experience with an essential oils diffuser and I must say that thus far I am enjoying this immensely. It’s amazing just how good a diffuser in your home can be. 

This diffuser is attractive and looks fabulous in any room. It brings the look and feel of a salon in the comfort of your home. The fact that it glows with pretty lights makes it a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom decor as well.


This diffuser is ultrasonic which means a few things such as a very low noise of under 35 decibels. Also, it means that it will cover more square footage in a room when compared to other types of diffusers. Who can honestly say they wouldn’t want to have sweet smells oils everywhere instead of just a small space of a room right? I would definetly recommend an ultrasonic diffuser. This diffuser also acts as a humidifier too which is a great benefit to health if you don’t have any oils. That makes this diffuser versatile and of course wonderful.

Did you know there are so many great recipes on the internet for essential oils? This diffuser can help distribute all that goodness in your home. This product dosen’t come with oils so make sure you go out and get some. 

The diffuser has a capacity to hold up to 300ml of water. That can take you through the night without worries. It has an automatic shut off feature should water run out. Also, it has 4 timer settings which is convenient and gives you options. Don’t forget that it does come with a nice 100ml cup to help with pouring.

Another great thing I love about this is that it is super easy to clean. It takes me literally a few minutes to wipe down and that’s it. I love easy maintenance don’t you?

In general, this diffuser is a great starter diffuser for a newbie like me who wants to have more natural ways of healthy living.

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