FLOUREON Twin Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channel Two Way Radios FRS/GMRS3000m UHF Long Range Built-in Microphone Hand Free Best Walkie Talkie (Pink)


great price

2 units included

3 colours to choose

Great for little hands

kid friendly and durable

impressive frequency range

easy to use

battery operated

This cute child’s Walkie talkie comes in 3 bright attractive colours perfect for boys and girls. Bought the pink set for my 4-year-old daughter and her little sister who is 2. Even though my youngest is still a bit young she likes pretending its a phone. My oldest and I have fun playing with them. It’s a fun way to communicate.

These walkie talkies have so many nice features built into a small child sized handheld unit. They are perfect to have on-hand in situations such as the park, store, the beach, or just the house if you have multiple levels like I do. Sure beats yelling upstairs lol.

The walkie talkies have an impressive frequency range between 3-5km. With that range I am sure teenagers and adults will love these too. It’s very easy getting a channel for the 2 units with the auto scan. I actually prefer using the scan as it saves time and time is precious when it comes to impatient children right?

The audio is crystal clear and there is no distortion that I have heard so far from using these with my daughter. We can hear each other well.

So far, these children walkie talkies have been a huge hit for the girls and myself included. It’s a great set of units at a reasonable price.

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Inflatable unicorn Pool Float Party Tube Pool Raft Summer Swimming Pool Outdoor Toy For Baby Infants & adults (Purple) 


great price

fun for everyone

strong material

attractive design 
This is such a fun unicorn floater for the pool or beach. My children love it and not only do they want to play with it in water but they also like playing with it indoors at home. 

The unicorn is big enough for two younger children I would say and big enough for 1 adult. It’s attractive and adorable. Very child friendly. 

It took me and my husband about 15 minutes to blow up and that’s with both of us doing this at the same time. Would definitely recommend an air compressor. 

Overall, this great unicorn is bringing lots of fun to me and my kids. Well made and thought out.

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Wireless Plug-In Door Bell/ Chime Kit with 1-Push Button, 1 Remote Button Transmitter, 36 Melodies, 315Mhz 330ft Long Range Portable Waterproof Doorbell Chime Alert System 


great price

simple installation

36 familiar tunes

4 volume levels

stylish design

This is a great wireless doorbell set for a very reasonable price. My original doorbell dosen’t work so I have been looking for an alternative and I decided to purchase this one.

The setup was easy. Literally took minutes to have it up and running. Everything you need is in the package.

What I love most about this doorbell set is the 36 tunes included. They are all so familiar. There are Christmas tunes, Classical, classic chimes, and more. The doorbell is loud but you can adjust the volume. 

Overall, great product. Would definitely recommend this if you need a new doorbell or if you just want to have A variety of tunes playing when somebody comes to the door.

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BRIGADA Cool Black Sport Sunglasses, Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men Women, Baseball Fishing Cycling Running Golf Sunglasses Polarized Brands, Resist The Sun and Keep Sport & Driving Safe

Pros :

great price

attractive cool appearance

comfortable to wear

scratch proof

protects your eyes 

storage case included

These sunglasses are perfect for men and women. They have a cool stylish appearance that is not only appealing but they make you feel attractive and good.

My hubby uses these sunglasses more than I do because he is out more in the sun. His eyes are sensitive. He also is a fisherman and wears them out on the boat where the sun is really strong. They are especially helpful while he is driving. He does a lot of travelling for work and its great that now he has a good pair of sunglasses.

The glasses come in their own protective storage case. A soft drawstring bag comes included as well.
We’re very happy with these sunglasses and will be recommending them to friends and family of our great find.

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ZEAMO Leisure 2 Person Hammocks Multi-functional Stripes 450lbs Portable Travel Bed Ultralight Cotton Camping Hammock with Backpack (Blue) 


great price

strong comfortable material

280cm long by 150cm wide

2 colours: blue or red

simple setup

Machine washable 

storage bag included

This is a comfortable hammock that I could literally lounge in all day if I had the chance. You could just fall asleep all day. I decided to get a hammock for when my hubby and I go camping this Summer. It’s a great way to relax.

It was indeed incredibly simple to setup. A matter of minutes really and it also helped having my hubby around since he can do strong knots. He did a double half hitch with a square knot on top to prevent the rope from slipping down the tree.

The hammock material is very strong and says it can withstand The maximum weight of 450 lbs. I am only 145 lbs and I know I could’ve added more weight because I felt very secure while I laid in it. I would definitely recommend being very picky with the trees you use as you will want a very strong and sturdy tree.

Overall, this is a great choice for a hammock and I am very pleased with my purchase.

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Excelvan Portable Dual Function LED Waterproof Lantern String Rope Light Battery Powered Warm White For Decoration Christmas Camping Hiking Emergency Tent Lighting( 6.56ft/2M, AAA battery not included) 


歹 good price

歹 bright white lights

歹 4 lengths to choose

歹 strong adhesive 

歹 battery operated
I really like strip lighting. There are so many uses for it whether you want to use it for decorations or just want to illuminate an area. I got this set to place along my stairway. It’s shown in my photos how I am using it. It helps illuminate that area in the evenings. The lights are bright and works well. It’s battery operated by 3 AA batteries. This is a more efficient way of using strip lighting. The adhesive on the back of the strip is strong so there is no worries about the strip falling no matter where you want to use it. So far so good.

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Magnetic Screen Doors, Full Frame Magic Mesh Curtains,Instant Screen Door,Keep Bugs Out,Fits Door Up To 34″x82″ Max,Size 36″x83″,Black Vertical Stripe. 


歹 reasonably priced

歹 easy installation

歹 strong magnets 

歹 durable & heavy duty material 

歹 keeps bugs out of home

Summer is coming and that means its super hot days and crazy creepy critters. We decided to invest in a magnetic screen door for our back deck. We have a bit of woods out back and that brings quite a bit of bugs and last year we noticed them attempting to get in when the door opened. This year we are trying this screen door to eliminate this problem and at the same time giving us lots of fresh Summer air.

My hubby was the one to install this door and it was done with ease and no time at all. Everything you need comes included. It fits a typical standard door but be sure you measure first anyways. We did. 

The door works great. We can go in and out with ease and the door opens and closes easily. The magnets are strong and the door is durable. Pretty good quality. We are very impressed and can’t wait to see it in action when those nasty critters arrive.

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