Teardrop Aromatherapy Necklace



❤️ great price

❤️ gorgeous pendent 

❤️ chain included

❤️ oil of choice included

❤️ reusable balls

❤️ a beautiful gift idea

This is a beautifully designed aromatherapy necklace in the shape of a teardrop. It’s elegant and unique. It accentuates any outfit. Makes you look and feel your best. I love it and now its my favourite necklace.

Essential oils have become a huge part of my life recently. They are amazing because of their health benefits and lingering aromas. My teardrop necklace now lets me take my oil effects anywhere I go and I get to enjoy them all day long.

At the moment I have Lavender oil in my pendant and I have noticed the scent still lingers after 2 days. It smells wonderful. I would recommend no more then 2 drops of oil on the ball. That’s what I do. 

The teardrop pendant is silver measuring 1″ x 1/2″. It opens up so you can place one or two balls inside which contain the essential oils. It’s easy to open but make sure the chain is off.

The balls come included and are a variety of colours. They can be reused a few times with different oils. I just leave the ball I have used on my counter for a day or so to air out the leftover oil and then place a few drops of a new oil on it. The necklace comes with a bunch of balls that will last me a long while.

A snake chain with lobster clasp comes with this pendant and I can assure you the chain is strong.

❤️ About Izzybell

Izzybell Jewelry is a dedicated company bringing their beautiful creative jewellery to everyone. Their unique, passionate, and committed to their beautiful designs and oils. Their website is full of gorgeous aromatherapy jewelry and tons of great information.

❤️ Website:

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J.Rosée Necklace “Double Layer Heart” 925 Sterling Silver 3A Zirconia Bead Necklace Gift for Lover 


💕 affordable

💕 perfect gift for your partner

💕 beautiful hearts 

💕 chain included

💕 lovely packaged presentation
This necklace would be a perfect gift for your partner for sure. It symbolizes love and partnership. At least that’s how I feel about it. It’s simple and classy. Perfect to wear no matter what you wear and for any occasion. It sparkles too which I absolutely love. I got this for myself because I do like hearts very much and it was a nice addition to my jewellery collection. 

It’s unique because you have two separate chains with heart pendants. The chains are attached together at the clasp which is pretty sweet. Love the twinkling the zirconia stones give. Very pretty.

The necklace comes in a nice box. You get the pretty hearts twinkling as soon as you open. Don’t forget to look under that for the cleaning cloth and tag. Those are included. It’s overall presentation is quite lovely. Like I said before, a perfect gift!

💕 Amazon Purchase Link:

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