Mugig Soprano Recorder Flute Key of G Recorder with Carrying Bag, Cleaning Rod, Manual Instruction , ABS Resin Material, 3-piece Construction, 8 Hole, 13.8” in Length (Blue) 

❤️ great price

❤️ blue

❤️ key in G

❤️ environmentally friendly

❤️ easy maintenance

❤️ Beautiful sound quality

❤️ fun for kids and adults

This recorder brings back memories of my music class when I was in grade school. I had lots of fun playing a recorder but throughout the years you tend to lose your favourite items.

This recorder from Mugig has brought back the fun and joy of playing. The overall appearance is attractive with its blue colour. It’s made with ABS resin and has a beautiful polished body. 

The recorder detaches into 3 pieces for easy cleaning. A cleaning rod, instructions, and a storage case all comes included. 

The recorder sounds as it should and as I remember from when I was young. There are many songs on the internet you could find if you want to learn to play. This is fun for adults and kids. It definitely encourages the music within all of us.

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Mini Ukulele 17” Portable Mugig Small Size with Bag Amateur Friendly uand Good for Children Kids (pony) 


💝 reasonably priced for an instrument 

💝 great for children or adults 

💝 2styles, pony or coffee

💝 durable and well made

💝 17 inches & 12 frets

💝 Storage bag included 
Music has always been a passion of mine. It runs in the family and now I am hoping to pass some of the tradition down to my 4-year-old daughter. She has already shown interest in music from singing to playing around on our piano. I have always loved the sound of a ukulele so I thought I would get her this to see if there is some interest.

This ukulele is 17 inches and the perfect size for a child. The company who designed this instrument kept a child’s destructiveness in mind and built this to withstand a bit of rough and tough play. I got the pony one because she is into that at the moment and thought that might help encourage her to take interest.

The ukulele sounds beautiful. It’s a nice little instrument for sure. My daughter likes strumming on it like she already knows how to play. 
I think this was a great choice at a reasonable price. If your looking for a starter instrument than I would recommend.

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