Bluetooth Speaker, ELEGIANT Portable LED Light Cube Bluetooth Mini Wireless Speaker Stereo Box Powerful Sound with Build-in Microphone, Work for Smart Iphone Ipad, Ipod,Samsung,Tablet Laptop Mp3 CD Pl Black 


great price

beautifully creative design 

multifunctional Waze to stream 

Bluetooth Technology 

rechargeable lithium battery 

charge cable included

auxiliary cable included 

This multifunctional Bluetooth speaker is not only creatively designed but it’s impressive too. For what it’s worth its a great sounding speaker.

The design is so cool. I’ve had speakers in the past but this model is the most coolest I have owned. Love the lights. They are bright and bold and adds to the music experience. The speaker comes in two colours which is black and blue. 

The speaker is multifunctional in the way you can use it. There is a built in FM radio for those who enjoy just listening to whatever. You can use the included aux cable to hook up any media source that dosen’t support Bluetooth such as a laptop. Your mobile phone can stream its music via Bluetooth. There is even a built-in mic.

The sound is good. It meets my expectations for a portable speaker. Audio is crystal clear. No distortion. 

I mainly use this speaker to listen to my iPhone’s library connecting via Bluetooth and the pairing was simple with no issues. 

Overall, the speaker is great quality and enjoyable. It’s worth the price. It’s also a nice room decor when not in use.

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Mugig Soprano Recorder Flute Key of G Recorder with Carrying Bag, Cleaning Rod, Manual Instruction , ABS Resin Material, 3-piece Construction, 8 Hole, 13.8 in Length (Blue) 

歹 great price

歹 blue

歹 key in G

歹 environmentally friendly

歹 easy maintenance

歹 Beautiful sound quality

歹 fun for kids and adults

This recorder brings back memories of my music class when I was in grade school. I had lots of fun playing a recorder but throughout the years you tend to lose your favourite items.

This recorder from Mugig has brought back the fun and joy of playing. The overall appearance is attractive with its blue colour. It’s made with ABS resin and has a beautiful polished body. 

The recorder detaches into 3 pieces for easy cleaning. A cleaning rod, instructions, and a storage case all comes included. 

The recorder sounds as it should and as I remember from when I was young. There are many songs on the internet you could find if you want to learn to play. This is fun for adults and kids. It definitely encourages the music within all of us.

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Automatic Bed Bell Crib Musical Mobile (35 songs) 


歹 35 melodies

歹 catches baby’s attention

歹 unisex 

歹 reasonably priced 
What’s nice about this is the fact that you can create your own mobile for your child. So if you are crafty this is for you. Everything about this musical mobile is simply adorable. I’m really glad I got one for my little girl. She loves it too.

You can use this mobile to hang little teddy’s or any little trinket your child loves and the mobile will turn it around and around. 

The musical melodies are 
all familiar from classic lullaby’s to Christmas tunes. Each melody plays about 15 seconds and then switches to another melody.

A few songs are:
  You are my sunshine.

  Canon in D.

  Here comes the Bride.

  Frosty the Snowman.

  When You Wish Upon A Star.

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Archeer A106 Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Microphone, Powerful 5W Driver with Enhanced Bass, 20 hour Playtime, for Shower/Sports – Black 


歹 great price

歹 outstanding sound quality

歹 wireless and portable

歹 3-5 hours to charge up

歹 16-20 hours playtime 

歹 built-in microphone 

歹 easy to use

歹 Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

This Bluetooth speaker impressed me. It’s exactly what I have been looking for to enjoy my music library on my iPhone 7+. 

The speaker has great features which adds to the enjoyment. It is portable and can withstand a variety of conditions such as splashes, shocks, and dust. It allows you to take it anywhere you go and even comes with a lanyard. A 3.5 mm audio cable comes included if your media device dosen’t support Bluetooth. There is even a built-in microphone to be able to answer calls. That’s impressive.

This speaker is simple to use and pairing with Bluetooth is flawless and simple. I am using it with the iPhone 7+ and have encountered no issues. It comes with instructions but it’s all pretty straightforward. 

The speaker gives off a crystal clear sound with no distortion if it is at maximum volume. The subwoofer will blow your socks off for such a small yet powerful speaker. It’s intense. 

Everything about this speaker is enjoyable and I am loving it.

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Mini Ukulele 17” Portable Mugig Small Size with Bag Amateur Friendly uand Good for Children Kids (pony) 


reasonably priced for an instrument 

great for children or adults 

2styles, pony or coffee

durable and well made

17 inches & 12 frets

Storage bag included 
Music has always been a passion of mine. It runs in the family and now I am hoping to pass some of the tradition down to my 4-year-old daughter. She has already shown interest in music from singing to playing around on our piano. I have always loved the sound of a ukulele so I thought I would get her this to see if there is some interest.

This ukulele is 17 inches and the perfect size for a child. The company who designed this instrument kept a child’s destructiveness in mind and built this to withstand a bit of rough and tough play. I got the pony one because she is into that at the moment and thought that might help encourage her to take interest.

The ukulele sounds beautiful. It’s a nice little instrument for sure. My daughter likes strumming on it like she already knows how to play. 
I think this was a great choice at a reasonable price. If your looking for a starter instrument than I would recommend.

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TTSAM Mini Portable 3.5mm Pillow Dual Speakers with Extension Cord for MP3 MP4 CD iPod Phone (White) 


low price 

Great gift idea 

audio extension cord included 

compatible with 3.5mm devices
A portable speaker in your pillow… what a neat concept. I think its a new and fun way of listening to your favourite music. This would be great for those who love enjoying an audiobook or want to hear some calming nature sounds while you fall asleep. This would also be a neat gift idea for your teenager because we all know how much they listen to music right?

The setup was literally done in seconds and my pillow instantly started singing my favourite tunes. The speakers are small discs that are attached to an audio cable that supports all devices with a 3.5 mm jack. You even get an extension cable included. That was thoughtful and a great idea to include. A plastic device holder comes included too but I think it is a bit too flimsy to give my iPhone the security it needs standing up so I just lay it flat down in its case. I tested this on my iPhone 7+ using my 3.5 mm adapter that came with my phone. Everything works great.

I would recommend checking this out if you are into neat little gadgets like this that will give you more different ways of enjoying your music.

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LESHP Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 4.1 with microphone Sport Stereo Headset IPX5 Waterproof earphones for Gym Running Workout Sport 


worth every penny!


easy to use

great sound

tested on iPhone 7+

USB charge cord included

extra ear bud pieces includedt

I’m excited to say these are my new favourite Bluetooth earbuds. I’m really fussy about these things and I’ve tried a few sets which didn’t impress me. I’m glad I came across this set.

Super simple to use and never needed to refer to the included instructions. I love simple setups. Bluetooth was quick and responsive within seconds.

There are 3 control vuttons on the ear bud which allows you to control the power/off, volume up/down, voice dial, and changing music tracks. Pretty cool eh?

The ear buds fit exactly the way I had hoped. They don’t wiggle and fall out if I’m running on my treadmill. Very comfortable. I was so worried the ear piece wouldn’t fit my small ear but it actually did. Relief!

As for sound quality, it’s great. I love listening to Pitbull cranked up. There’s no distortion or anything… just a crystal clear audio.

I’m enjoying my new Bluetooth ear buds tremendously and totally happy that I finally found a pair that works for me.

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