Rantizon Led Makeup Mirror 20 Light Bulbs Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror 180Β° Horizontal Or Vertical Rotation Table Top Vanity Mirror Removable 10 x Magnification Spot, Touch Screen, Shaving Mirror With Stand And Storage Tray for Bathroom, Bedroom, Travel, Dressing 


πŸ¦‹ Great price

πŸ¦‹ bright LED lighting 

πŸ¦‹ 10x Close up mirror included

πŸ¦‹ anti-scratch and fingerprint

πŸ¦‹ rectangular design

πŸ¦‹ make up tray

The Rantizon’s 20 LED lights mirror has an attractive professional design. It’s created from ABS material so therefore anti-scratch and no fingerprint marks. Perfect for those makeup enthusiasts and those glamour girls.

This mirror provides you with 20 brightly illuminating LED lights that brightens up your face while applying makeup. Essential lighting is always beneficial.These lights are easily toggled on and off by touch. The lights can also be adjusted from dim to bright.

The included 10x circular mirror comes in handy for those close ups. This can be attached to your larger mirror via tiny suction cups or can just be used as a take along mirror. 

The stand is fully adjustable. 180 degrees rotation. Vertical and horizontal orientation. Allows you to position the mirror to meet your needs.

The stand has a tray for all your makeup essentials and the best part is they will never roll away from you especially those lipstick tubes. This was well thought out.

This is an ideal mirror that makes you look your best and also you will feel your best just by using it. I love it and I know you will too!

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Rantizon Portable Makeup Mirror Dimmable LEDs Lighted Mirror 1X & 2X Magnification Cosmetic Illuminated Handbag Mirror Foldable Double Facettes Pocket Mirror Compact Excellent for Travel Purse 


πŸ’• reasonably priced 

πŸ’• compact and portable

πŸ’• Great for purses 

πŸ’• bright lights

πŸ’• powered by 2x CR2025

Have you ever been out and about and needed a makeup touchup? I sure have and I wish I had a mirror on me every single time. So when I came across the chance to get a portable travel mirror, I decided to choose this one. It is a great compact mirror.

It’s sleek and slender design fits perfectly in my purse. It barely occupies any room. It’s quite stylish and it makes me feel like I am carrying a vanity mirror everywhere I go.

There are 8 bright LED lights that are activated by pressing the touch screen-like button. This turns the lights on/off and activates the brightness of the lights to a dimmed light. The lights are powered by 2x CR2025 batteries which can be purchased at Amazon.

The mirrors are crisp and clear. One is a normal mirror and the other is a magnification of 2x. It’s nice to have either view for close ups or just a normal full view. The 2x magnification really shows detail which works well for doing fine make up detailing such as eye or lip lining. The mirrors are easy to clean and I would recommend a soft cloth with a little bit of glass cleaner. Just be aware this is definetly not waterproof.

This portable travel mirror is a woman’s must-have essential. I keep it in my purse and nevery leave home without it.

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Rantizon Cosmetic Illuminated LED Lighted Touch Screen Switch Makeup Mirror 16 LED Light Bulbs Adjustable Vanity Mirror Travel Mirror with Stand 


πŸ’• reasonably priced 

πŸ’• Great for travelling 

πŸ’• super illuminating lights 

πŸ’• stand included 

πŸ’• very stylish 
It’s nice being able to sit at the table to put makeup on instead of being hunched over The bathroom sink to use the mirror. That’s what I like most about this mirror. I can put my face on so to speak while sitting at my kitchen table.

The mirror actually resembles my iPad. It is actually quite neat. It’s very stylish and I love having that vanity feeling and that’s all due to the cool bright LED lights that are along each side of the mirror. 

The stand is solid and keeps the mirror in place . This can be taken off if you want to store it in a travel bag or if you have a big enough purse. 

The mirror has a nice crisp reflection image that lets you see the finer details of your face whether you are applyingg makeup or just checking out your appearance. 

I think this is a definite lady’s must-have mirror. It certainly does the trick.

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