Qedertek Solar String Lights, 21ft 50 LED Fairy Flower Blossom Lights for Outdoor, Home, Lawn, Garden, Patio, Party and Holiday Decorations (Cool White) 


🦋 great price

🦋 Solar panel LED string lights 

🦋 Energy efficient

🦋 eco-friendly

🦋 21 feet long

🦋 charge time: 6-8h

🦋 indoor/outdoor 

This is the perfect set of string lights for decoration. They are indoor/outdoor so either way is fine. These would look great in lots of different scenarios such as around a garden, up the walkway to the home, around windows, or anywhere really. 

I’m using these cute flower lights to hang around my daughter’s room. I think they would make a lovely atmosphere for bedtime. The little flowers give off a warm white glow so they won’t be distracting. What I do is make sure the controller/solar panel lays on the windowsill so the sun can hit it. I tried this out and the lights work exactly as described. The lights come on and stay on after dusk.

The lights have options too such as blinking and constant. There are 2 buttons on the controller. Very easy and simple to use. No batteries required. It’s just a lovely set of cute flowery lights that create a sweet pretty look and feel to any situation.

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S&G night light Cute Smile Cat Silicon LED Desk Lamp with 7 Changing Color for Baby Bedroom Office- Warm White 


❤️ great price 

❤️ great for babies and kids

Warm white glowing light 

❤️ variety of changing coloured lights

❤️ rechargeable

This is a cute kitty cat nightlight. Great for kids of all ages. My daughter has it on her dresser and uses it at night.

The kitty is made of a silicone and ABS material. Durable and safe. No need to keep it plugged in as its rechargeable. It gives off a soft warm white glow or changes a variety of colours. 

The kitty cat doesn’t take up too much room. It is great to sit on dressers or nightstands. It’s sturdy on its base. Lightweight. Easy to wipe down. 

Overall this nightlight is great. A nice addition to my daughters bedroom Decor.

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Motion Activated Toilet Night light MECO 8 Colors Changing Toilet Bowl Light Battery Operated Toilet Seat Night light for Bathroom Kid Children Midnight Potty Training (Batteries Not Included) 


❤️ awesome price

❤️ fun for kids

❤️ interesting bathroom Decore

❤️ easy to install

❤️ easy to clean
This is a pretty neat idea to make your toilet interesting and entertaining. I can definetly see how this would get a child’s attention because my daughter was amazed by the different colours the toilet water turned. There is no setup required other than placing 3 AAA batteries in it. Just attach it to the toilet bowl and watch your toilet water change a variety of colours. 

I would recommend making sure the device gets cleaned every few days. Maybe use a Lysol wipe or something like that to keep it disinfected.

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Excelvan Portable Dual Function LED Waterproof Lantern String Rope Light Battery Powered Warm White For Decoration Christmas Camping Hiking Emergency Tent Lighting( 6.56ft/2M, AAA battery not included) 


❤️ good price

❤️ bright white lights

❤️ 4 lengths to choose

❤️ strong adhesive 

❤️ battery operated
I really like strip lighting. There are so many uses for it whether you want to use it for decorations or just want to illuminate an area. I got this set to place along my stairway. It’s shown in my photos how I am using it. It helps illuminate that area in the evenings. The lights are bright and works well. It’s battery operated by 3 AA batteries. This is a more efficient way of using strip lighting. The adhesive on the back of the strip is strong so there is no worries about the strip falling no matter where you want to use it. So far so good.

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