placeholder://[UPGRADE] MOKOQI Rotating Star Sky Projection Night Lights Toys Table Lamps with Timer Shut Off & Color Changing For 1 Year Old Baby Girls Boys Bedroom Christmas Gift Baby Nursery Lights(Blue)


great price

bright & colourful

easy to operate

360 rotation

timer functionality

fun for babies

The MOKOQI baby projector is a sweet addition to my toddlers bedtime routine. It has a way of setting a peaceful ambience to her bedroom which helps contribute to her relaxing and falling asleep.

The projector is perfectly sized so it takes up minimal space on a desk, dresser, or shelf. Its easy to operate and has the option of powering by batteries or with the included USB power adapter.

As for the imagery this projector displays, I can honestly say its impressive. The images displayed are bright and vivid. Beautiful moon and stars come alive with the help of the 360簞 rotation option.

Im really pleased overall with this projector. Its beautiful entrancing images has definitely created the perfect relaxing atmosphere for my little one.

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Esonstyle Clip on Pet Collar LED Lights, Waterproof Dog/Cat Animal Collar Lights with Stainless Steel Carabiner Clasp for Night Walking (Pack of 5)


great price

5 lights included

stainless steel clasps

water resistant

easy to use

battery included in all 5

These little LED pet collar lights are a fantastic way to make your pet noticeable in the dark. They are specifically for collars but you can use these lights for anything such as clipping them to backpacks, strollers, purses, and keychains.Possibilities are endless.

The LED lights are very bright and are very visible from far distances. There are 3 lighting modes which are constant, slow flicker, and fast flicker. The clasp is stainless steel and easily attachable. Just make sure you remember these little lights are not waterproof but they are water resistant.

So if you are an evening walker then I would definitely recommend these lights to you and your pet. You can never be too careful and making you and your pet visible is very important

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QAmzdeal Cinematic LED Letter Light Box with 96 Interchangeable Letter, Numbers and Symbols, USB or Battery Powered (A4 Size) 


bright LED light

energy efficient 

for any occasion

3 ways to power 

fun and creative
This is a creative way to express your thoughts and feelings in a fun and innovating way. There are many uses for this LED letter light box. It’s simple design and variety of letters and symbols can easily entertain children or adults.

What’s nice about this letter box is how you can either keep it stationary on a shelf, windowsill, or hang it on a wall. It’s great for any occasion or just because.

In the package you get the LED letter box and a resealable pouch to store all 96 letters/symbols. The letter box is simply design and nothing fancy. You can easily decorate it for the occasion if you like which is exactly what I plan to do. There are 3 divided sections to separate the words you make and the dividers are what keep the letters in place. The letter/symbols are made of a plastic material. They are in rectangular in shape. It can be easily wiped down clean if they get dirty. The resealable pouch is a great accessory to keep everything safely stored to prevent from losing.

Overall, my family and I are having a great time leaving each other messages. It’s a very basic but thoughtful product that we are enjoying.

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S&G night light Cute Smile Cat Silicon LED Desk Lamp with 7 Changing Color for Baby Bedroom Office- Warm White 


歹 great price 

歹 great for babies and kids

Warm white glowing light 

歹 variety of changing coloured lights

歹 rechargeable

This is a cute kitty cat nightlight. Great for kids of all ages. My daughter has it on her dresser and uses it at night.

The kitty is made of a silicone and ABS material. Durable and safe. No need to keep it plugged in as its rechargeable. It gives off a soft warm white glow or changes a variety of colours. 

The kitty cat doesn’t take up too much room. It is great to sit on dressers or nightstands. It’s sturdy on its base. Lightweight. Easy to wipe down. 

Overall this nightlight is great. A nice addition to my daughters bedroom Decor.

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Amzdeal Plant Grow Light LED Panel Hydroponic Lamp for Indoor Flower Vegetable Growing, Red Blue 14W 


reasonably priced 

lightweight and durable 

your plants will love it 

super bright light 

hanging chain included 

Power adaptor included 

Energy efficient

This grow light is a great alternative to natural light. It helps your little seedlings grow and blossom throughout its life cycle. It’s amazing how we can trick a plant with alternative light sources.

I’m using this lamp to help stimulate my new clipping of a spider plant. I don’t have much sunlight coming into my home so I am using this alternative because I love plants. So far so good and my little spider plant is thriving.

This light is super easy to setup and your ready to go within minutes. A hanging chain is included which is great. The hook can hang on anything really. Just plug in the adapter and place your seed or plant under the light and your good to go. The lights are super bright so I don’t recommend you directly looking at them.

I would recommend this grow light for all those plant lovers out there. It’s reasonably price and great quality and just think… your plants deserve it.

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ThorFire LED Work Light Lamp Hands-Free Torch Garage Flashlight with Strong Magnet Base, Adjusting Head and Hanging Hook for Auto, Home, Outdoor, Hunting, Fishing, Household and More 


low price

super bright light 

a man must have

magnetic base

If you are looking for an extremely bright work light than look no further. This is the brightest flashlight I have seen in a long time. I got this for my husband who has been looking for a great flashlight. We are really impressed with this. He can use it for his mechanical work on his van or take it with him on the boat when he fishes. It has a magnetic end so it can stick to anything metal like the hood of his van. It’s pretty cool and worth every penny..

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HIGROW 10W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower. 



LED light

meets your plant’s needs

adjustable gooseneck

lights adjusted for changing seasons

This lamp is the ideal type of lamp that you would want to grow a plant from start or to help maintain a plant’s life as it simulates the light you would need for the changing seasons.

I am using it for one of my plants that need sun but dosen’t get much of it as my windows are already polluted with plants. It sits in the corner of my living room on a stand where there is not much light. With this lamp, my plant now has the needed light it needs to flourish.

The lamp itself is a nicely constructed lighting device that is able to provide enough light for a plant within a 1×1 foot radius. The flexible gooseneck is fully adjustable to grow with the needs of your plant. It simulates the light a plant would need according to the seasons. How impressive is that eh? The clamp is durable and strong and can clasp at mostly any table surface. 

Overall, this is definitely worth checking out if you are a plant lover. It is a great source of light a plant would need as a seedling and throughout a plant’s cycle of life. I look forward to watching my plant grow more and more but I am sure my plant will totally appreciate it 100% more.

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