placeholder://[UPGRADE] MOKOQI Rotating Star Sky Projection Night Lights Toys Table Lamps with Timer Shut Off & Color Changing For 1 Year Old Baby Girls Boys Bedroom Christmas Gift Baby Nursery Lights(Blue)


great price

bright & colourful

easy to operate

360 rotation

timer functionality

fun for babies

The MOKOQI baby projector is a sweet addition to my toddlers bedtime routine. It has a way of setting a peaceful ambience to her bedroom which helps contribute to her relaxing and falling asleep.

The projector is perfectly sized so it takes up minimal space on a desk, dresser, or shelf. Its easy to operate and has the option of powering by batteries or with the included USB power adapter.

As for the imagery this projector displays, I can honestly say its impressive. The images displayed are bright and vivid. Beautiful moon and stars come alive with the help of the 360簞 rotation option.

Im really pleased overall with this projector. Its beautiful entrancing images has definitely created the perfect relaxing atmosphere for my little one.

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FLOUREON Twin Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channel Two Way Radios FRS/GMRS3000m UHF Long Range Built-in Microphone Hand Free Best Walkie Talkie (Pink)


great price

2 units included

3 colours to choose

Great for little hands

kid friendly and durable

impressive frequency range

easy to use

battery operated

This cute child’s Walkie talkie comes in 3 bright attractive colours perfect for boys and girls. Bought the pink set for my 4-year-old daughter and her little sister who is 2. Even though my youngest is still a bit young she likes pretending its a phone. My oldest and I have fun playing with them. It’s a fun way to communicate.

These walkie talkies have so many nice features built into a small child sized handheld unit. They are perfect to have on-hand in situations such as the park, store, the beach, or just the house if you have multiple levels like I do. Sure beats yelling upstairs lol.

The walkie talkies have an impressive frequency range between 3-5km. With that range I am sure teenagers and adults will love these too. It’s very easy getting a channel for the 2 units with the auto scan. I actually prefer using the scan as it saves time and time is precious when it comes to impatient children right?

The audio is crystal clear and there is no distortion that I have heard so far from using these with my daughter. We can hear each other well.

So far, these children walkie talkies have been a huge hit for the girls and myself included. It’s a great set of units at a reasonable price.

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Mugig Soprano Recorder Flute Key of G Recorder with Carrying Bag, Cleaning Rod, Manual Instruction , ABS Resin Material, 3-piece Construction, 8 Hole, 13.8 in Length (Blue) 

歹 great price

歹 blue

歹 key in G

歹 environmentally friendly

歹 easy maintenance

歹 Beautiful sound quality

歹 fun for kids and adults

This recorder brings back memories of my music class when I was in grade school. I had lots of fun playing a recorder but throughout the years you tend to lose your favourite items.

This recorder from Mugig has brought back the fun and joy of playing. The overall appearance is attractive with its blue colour. It’s made with ABS resin and has a beautiful polished body. 

The recorder detaches into 3 pieces for easy cleaning. A cleaning rod, instructions, and a storage case all comes included. 

The recorder sounds as it should and as I remember from when I was young. There are many songs on the internet you could find if you want to learn to play. This is fun for adults and kids. It definitely encourages the music within all of us.

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S&G night light Cute Smile Cat Silicon LED Desk Lamp with 7 Changing Color for Baby Bedroom Office- Warm White 


歹 great price 

歹 great for babies and kids

Warm white glowing light 

歹 variety of changing coloured lights

歹 rechargeable

This is a cute kitty cat nightlight. Great for kids of all ages. My daughter has it on her dresser and uses it at night.

The kitty is made of a silicone and ABS material. Durable and safe. No need to keep it plugged in as its rechargeable. It gives off a soft warm white glow or changes a variety of colours. 

The kitty cat doesn’t take up too much room. It is great to sit on dressers or nightstands. It’s sturdy on its base. Lightweight. Easy to wipe down. 

Overall this nightlight is great. A nice addition to my daughters bedroom Decor.

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Cell Phone Stand,Holiday Gift,Cell Phone Stand Holder Bamboo Wood Christmas Elk Deer Desk Dock Charging For Iphone 6S 7 Plus Ipad Pro Iwatch All Android Smartphone, Birthday Present Funny Gift for Friends,Birthday Girl, Boy,Office Decoration 


歹 great price

歹 a great gift idea

歹 bamboo material 

歹 compatible with various phones

If you go all out with decorating for the Christmas holiday then this cell phone stand would be a nice addition to the decor. It is very cute and makes an eye-catching piece.

It’s made from high quality 100% natural bamboo wood. It’s handcrafted beautifully. It’s well made And durable to a certain degree. Very simple to assemble. My iPhone 7+ fits in the stand with no issues.

This deer stand would make a great gift too. A gift bag comes included if that’s what you had in mind. The deer is definitely a silly cute one.

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Head Lice Comb Set for Fast, Safe Premium Quality Removal of Lice Eggs and Nits. Best Results for Head Lice Treatment on all Different Types of Hair exclusively from OwnHealer ! 


歹 3 combs included

歹 helps remove lice and nits

歹 durable strong combs

歹 stainless steel and ecologic plastic

This 3 pack of combs are exactly what you need to combat head lice. I don’t know about you but believe me head lice is absolutely no picnic and so hard to get rid of. I remember when my daughter came home the first time with lice. I was discouraged and mortified. It was literally a never ending battle it seemed. With the right solution and the right combs there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

These combs are great and made of stainless steel and ecological plastic. The steel comb seems durable and can withstand thick hair where the plastic seems to be a better choice for thinner hair.

I hope I won’t have to use them anytime soon on my young children but you never know so I got these combs to be prepared. 

A little bit of advice when battling lice is to use pure vinegar. Dip the combs in the vinegar and then run through the hair. It really helps brings the nits out.Hope that helps for you as much as it did for me.

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Motion Activated Toilet Night light MECO 8 Colors Changing Toilet Bowl Light Battery Operated Toilet Seat Night light for Bathroom Kid Children Midnight Potty Training (Batteries Not Included) 


歹 awesome price

歹 fun for kids

歹 interesting bathroom Decore

歹 easy to install

歹 easy to clean
This is a pretty neat idea to make your toilet interesting and entertaining. I can definetly see how this would get a child’s attention because my daughter was amazed by the different colours the toilet water turned. There is no setup required other than placing 3 AAA batteries in it. Just attach it to the toilet bowl and watch your toilet water change a variety of colours. 

I would recommend making sure the device gets cleaned every few days. Maybe use a Lysol wipe or something like that to keep it disinfected.

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