Teardrop Aromatherapy Necklace



❤️ great price

❤️ gorgeous pendent 

❤️ chain included

❤️ oil of choice included

❤️ reusable balls

❤️ a beautiful gift idea

This is a beautifully designed aromatherapy necklace in the shape of a teardrop. It’s elegant and unique. It accentuates any outfit. Makes you look and feel your best. I love it and now its my favourite necklace.

Essential oils have become a huge part of my life recently. They are amazing because of their health benefits and lingering aromas. My teardrop necklace now lets me take my oil effects anywhere I go and I get to enjoy them all day long.

At the moment I have Lavender oil in my pendant and I have noticed the scent still lingers after 2 days. It smells wonderful. I would recommend no more then 2 drops of oil on the ball. That’s what I do. 

The teardrop pendant is silver measuring 1″ x 1/2″. It opens up so you can place one or two balls inside which contain the essential oils. It’s easy to open but make sure the chain is off.

The balls come included and are a variety of colours. They can be reused a few times with different oils. I just leave the ball I have used on my counter for a day or so to air out the leftover oil and then place a few drops of a new oil on it. The necklace comes with a bunch of balls that will last me a long while.

A snake chain with lobster clasp comes with this pendant and I can assure you the chain is strong.

❤️ About Izzybell

Izzybell Jewelry is a dedicated company bringing their beautiful creative jewellery to everyone. Their unique, passionate, and committed to their beautiful designs and oils. Their website is full of gorgeous aromatherapy jewelry and tons of great information.

❤️ Website:

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Figet Toys, ZOTO 5 Color Stress Relief Toy, Relaxing Therapy Toy, Relieve Anxiety and Increase Focus for Soothing Kids, Marble Sensory Toys Helps with ADHD ADD OCD Autism-Classroom & Office Fidgets 


❤️ Great price 

❤️ 5 fidget toys 

❤️ keeps fingers busy 

❤️ pocket size 

❤️ durable and strong 

These 5 colourful fidget toys are everything one would need to help promote focusing and relieve stress. Great for ADHD. They are vibrant coloured, mesh strong material, and keeps fingers busy. These little fidget toys are great to take along with you anywhere you go. They are small and they can fit in your purse or pocket.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Green Apple Lip Balm 

Green Beaver


❤️ great price

❤️ green apple scent

❤️ moisturizes and hydrates lips

❤️ natural ingredients

❤️ gluten free

❤️ cruelty free

❤️ 100% biodegradable

This lip balm is a healthier choice of balm for my lips and its all natural which is starting to become more important to me. After reading lots of articles on lip balms, I am kind of grossed out at what I have been putting on my chapped lips all these years.

What I like about this lip balm is the scent. The green apple smells yummy. If only it tasted like it right? It’s a strong scent which I do love.

The balm goes on easy and smooth. It leaves a light coat of balm which lasts for a while.

I have dry lips all year around but especially in the winter. After a week of applying this balm, I am pleased to find my lips considerably more hydrated and softer. It hasn’t cleared up all of the chapped but I am seeing it work.It might just take a little time.

❤️ About Green Beaver:

Green Beaver is a company that cares about personal health and the environment. With the help of Mother Nature, this family company brings you a wide range of certified organic products. The company is located in Hawkesbury, Ontario and you can purchase their products on their online store or just about anywhere. The products are well known and popular. For more information you can visit their website.
❤️ Website:

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Fidget Spinner Toy, VOLADOR Zinc Alloy Quad Hand Spinner Relieve ADHD EDC Anxiety Stress Helps Focus 


❤️ great price 

❤️ a great distraction

❤️ stylish design

❤️ popular product

Honestly, I never understood what all the hype of these spinners were about until I finally gave in and decided to try it out for myself. I will admit I was a bit skeptical and thought it was a waste of money but now that I own one I actually think it’s pretty cool.

This spinner is stylish compared to other ones I have seen. It’s made of a metal material with a nice smooth roundness to it. It literally spins for what seems like forever and it makes a neat noise to it.

I hate to admit but when I watch TV, I have a habit of picking at my cuticles. I have always done this and it probably is that I get fidgety and since I have started messing around with the spinner my fingers aren’t as sore as they used to be. I guess its a useful little toy to distract me.

I would definitely say it’s worth having if you do have a habit you can’t shake off. I just wish I would have not been so stubborn to try this out sooner.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Head Lice Comb Set for Fast, Safe Premium Quality Removal of Lice Eggs and Nits. Best Results for Head Lice Treatment on all Different Types of Hair exclusively from OwnHealer ! 


❤️ 3 combs included

❤️ helps remove lice and nits

❤️ durable strong combs

❤️ stainless steel and ecologic plastic

This 3 pack of combs are exactly what you need to combat head lice. I don’t know about you but believe me head lice is absolutely no picnic and so hard to get rid of. I remember when my daughter came home the first time with lice. I was discouraged and mortified. It was literally a never ending battle it seemed. With the right solution and the right combs there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

These combs are great and made of stainless steel and ecological plastic. The steel comb seems durable and can withstand thick hair where the plastic seems to be a better choice for thinner hair.

I hope I won’t have to use them anytime soon on my young children but you never know so I got these combs to be prepared. 

A little bit of advice when battling lice is to use pure vinegar. Dip the combs in the vinegar and then run through the hair. It really helps brings the nits out.Hope that helps for you as much as it did for me.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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MiroPure 300ml Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffusers with 7 Color LED Lights plus free Measuring Cup, Wood Grain design 


💕 reasonably priced

💕 ultrasonic diffuser

💕 soothes and relaxes

💕 300 ml capacity

💕 7 colour LED lights

💕 a great nightlight

💕 power adapter included 

💕 100ml cup included

This is my first experience with an essential oils diffuser and I must say that thus far I am enjoying this immensely. It’s amazing just how good a diffuser in your home can be. 

This diffuser is attractive and looks fabulous in any room. It brings the look and feel of a salon in the comfort of your home. The fact that it glows with pretty lights makes it a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom decor as well.


This diffuser is ultrasonic which means a few things such as a very low noise of under 35 decibels. Also, it means that it will cover more square footage in a room when compared to other types of diffusers. Who can honestly say they wouldn’t want to have sweet smells oils everywhere instead of just a small space of a room right? I would definetly recommend an ultrasonic diffuser. This diffuser also acts as a humidifier too which is a great benefit to health if you don’t have any oils. That makes this diffuser versatile and of course wonderful.

Did you know there are so many great recipes on the internet for essential oils? This diffuser can help distribute all that goodness in your home. This product dosen’t come with oils so make sure you go out and get some. 

The diffuser has a capacity to hold up to 300ml of water. That can take you through the night without worries. It has an automatic shut off feature should water run out. Also, it has 4 timer settings which is convenient and gives you options. Don’t forget that it does come with a nice 100ml cup to help with pouring.

Another great thing I love about this is that it is super easy to clean. It takes me literally a few minutes to wipe down and that’s it. I love easy maintenance don’t you?

In general, this diffuser is a great starter diffuser for a newbie like me who wants to have more natural ways of healthy living.

💕 Amazon Purchase Link:

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Everteco Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Crystal Salt Night Light Hand-carved Salt Wall Light Nursery Light for Bedrooms Home Air Purification (cylinder) 


❤️ a pretty room decor

❤️ health benefits

❤️ acts like an air purifier 

❤️ 360 degree plug

❤️ real Himalayan salt crystal

❤️ hand crafted

❤️ a perfect gift

Himalayan salt lamps come in all different shapes and sizes but they all have the same thing in common which are their health benefits and their attractive beauty. I’ve become a salt lamp collector because they are a wonderful room decor.

Everteco Himalayan Salt Lamp is a attractive lamp that is created from the salt crystals in the Himalayan mountains. It is hand crafted into a cylinder shape that connects to a 360 degree plug. It is well made and seems quite durable. It’s simple to use because it’s literally just a plug-in. There is an on/off switch so you can keep it plugged in at all times. The salt crystal never heats up to any amount so no worries about keeping it constantly on. 

For those who don’t know much about salt lamps I would recommend researching a little. They are known to have natural health benefits and if your are a naturalist than this might be for you. Apparently, a salt lamp can help alleviate stress and calm down asthma and allergies that could arise. Those are the two main reasons why I keep them in my home.

❤️ Amazon Profile Link:

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