Squeeze and Stack Block Set- BPA Free and Soft Baby Building Blocks Toys (Set of 10) by LiangTing

🦋 fun for babies and toddlers
🦋 A great learning toy
🦋 safe for babies
🦋 can be stacked
🦋 Great for teething babies
🦋 fun bath toy

This set of 10 blocks are absolutely adorable. My little girl has been occupied with them since they arrived. She seems to love stacking the blocks and knocking them down. She has lots of fun.

Each block is designed with numbers, shapes, and cute animal pictures. Very colourful. They all squeak too which is pretty amusing to my little one. A lot of learning and development of fine motor skills can be done with these blocks.

What's nice about these blocks is that they are easily cleaned, can be chewed on when teething, and can be a fun bath toy too.

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YOPO 28″ Wig Long Big Wavy Hair Women Cosplay Party Costume Wig (Pink) 

🦋 great price

🦋 8 colours to choose from

🦋 soft and silky

🦋 comfortable to wear

🦋 low-maintenance care

🦋 fun and wild

A luxurious style wig for fun occasions such as Halloween, parties, dress-up for children, or if you’re just tired of your own hair and want to get wild. This wig comes in a wide variety of colours, 8 in total. I went with the pink coloured wig as I am really into wild bold colours that are fun and outgoing.

This wig is made from a high quality imported Japan synthetic fiber. It’s long in length and fits most sized heads. The length of the long wavy wig is perfect if you want to create styles such as ponytails or braids. 

Would recommend reviewing the hair care instructions before use so you get a full understanding of the care and maintenance of this product. It’s very basic but still very important if you want to preserve the life of this wig.

Overall, my experience with this wig has been nothing but positive and it’s absolutely a fun and amazing product. If your looking to turn some heads with your out of this world new hair than this is for you.

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Figet Toys, ZOTO 5 Color Stress Relief Toy, Relaxing Therapy Toy, Relieve Anxiety and Increase Focus for Soothing Kids, Marble Sensory Toys Helps with ADHD ADD OCD Autism-Classroom & Office Fidgets 


❤️ Great price 

❤️ 5 fidget toys 

❤️ keeps fingers busy 

❤️ pocket size 

❤️ durable and strong 

These 5 colourful fidget toys are everything one would need to help promote focusing and relieve stress. Great for ADHD. They are vibrant coloured, mesh strong material, and keeps fingers busy. These little fidget toys are great to take along with you anywhere you go. They are small and they can fit in your purse or pocket.

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Fidget Spinner Toy, VOLADOR Zinc Alloy Quad Hand Spinner Relieve ADHD EDC Anxiety Stress Helps Focus 


❤️ great price 

❤️ a great distraction

❤️ stylish design

❤️ popular product

Honestly, I never understood what all the hype of these spinners were about until I finally gave in and decided to try it out for myself. I will admit I was a bit skeptical and thought it was a waste of money but now that I own one I actually think it’s pretty cool.

This spinner is stylish compared to other ones I have seen. It’s made of a metal material with a nice smooth roundness to it. It literally spins for what seems like forever and it makes a neat noise to it.

I hate to admit but when I watch TV, I have a habit of picking at my cuticles. I have always done this and it probably is that I get fidgety and since I have started messing around with the spinner my fingers aren’t as sore as they used to be. I guess its a useful little toy to distract me.

I would definitely say it’s worth having if you do have a habit you can’t shake off. I just wish I would have not been so stubborn to try this out sooner.

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Archeer A106 Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Microphone, Powerful 5W Driver with Enhanced Bass, 20 hour Playtime, for Shower/Sports – Black 


❤️ great price

❤️ outstanding sound quality

❤️ wireless and portable

❤️ 3-5 hours to charge up

❤️ 16-20 hours playtime 

❤️ built-in microphone 

❤️ easy to use

❤️ Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

This Bluetooth speaker impressed me. It’s exactly what I have been looking for to enjoy my music library on my iPhone 7+. 

The speaker has great features which adds to the enjoyment. It is portable and can withstand a variety of conditions such as splashes, shocks, and dust. It allows you to take it anywhere you go and even comes with a lanyard. A 3.5 mm audio cable comes included if your media device dosen’t support Bluetooth. There is even a built-in microphone to be able to answer calls. That’s impressive.

This speaker is simple to use and pairing with Bluetooth is flawless and simple. I am using it with the iPhone 7+ and have encountered no issues. It comes with instructions but it’s all pretty straightforward. 

The speaker gives off a crystal clear sound with no distortion if it is at maximum volume. The subwoofer will blow your socks off for such a small yet powerful speaker. It’s intense. 

Everything about this speaker is enjoyable and I am loving it.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Motion Activated Toilet Night light MECO 8 Colors Changing Toilet Bowl Light Battery Operated Toilet Seat Night light for Bathroom Kid Children Midnight Potty Training (Batteries Not Included) 


❤️ awesome price

❤️ fun for kids

❤️ interesting bathroom Decore

❤️ easy to install

❤️ easy to clean
This is a pretty neat idea to make your toilet interesting and entertaining. I can definetly see how this would get a child’s attention because my daughter was amazed by the different colours the toilet water turned. There is no setup required other than placing 3 AAA batteries in it. Just attach it to the toilet bowl and watch your toilet water change a variety of colours. 

I would recommend making sure the device gets cleaned every few days. Maybe use a Lysol wipe or something like that to keep it disinfected.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Video Projector, Support 1080P Portable Pico Projector Ideal for Home Theater Cinema Movie Entertainment Games Parties, Black 


❤️ reasonably priced

❤️ multifunctional

💕 easy to use

💕 Great for children’s room

The Elephas Mini Projector is a great choice for my daughter’s bedroom. We decided to go with a projector because of the ability to make the screen large at an affordable price. This projector offers that. She can now watch her favourite cartoons in the comfort of her bedroom.

My daughter’s bedroom has a nice big empty wall that she now uses her projector with. The wall is an off-white colour and the projector still works great. Surprisingly the viewing is clear. We plan on getting a white screen for her soon but for now she is happy and enjoys it

What I like about this projector is that we can use my external USB drive that contains her massive collection of movies and TV shows. That’s the main device she will be using with the projector.

As she gets older, she will be able to use her projector to play video games or even look at pictures. There are so many options of how she will be able to use it. 

As I mentioned above this is a great choice if you are looking into a projector. It’s far more affordable than purchasing a new TV. My daughter thinks it’s pretty cool. I can’t wait until she is a bit older to realize the full potential of the Elephas Mini Projector

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