Teardrop Aromatherapy Necklace



❤️ great price

❤️ gorgeous pendent 

❤️ chain included

❤️ oil of choice included

❤️ reusable balls

❤️ a beautiful gift idea

This is a beautifully designed aromatherapy necklace in the shape of a teardrop. It’s elegant and unique. It accentuates any outfit. Makes you look and feel your best. I love it and now its my favourite necklace.

Essential oils have become a huge part of my life recently. They are amazing because of their health benefits and lingering aromas. My teardrop necklace now lets me take my oil effects anywhere I go and I get to enjoy them all day long.

At the moment I have Lavender oil in my pendant and I have noticed the scent still lingers after 2 days. It smells wonderful. I would recommend no more then 2 drops of oil on the ball. That’s what I do. 

The teardrop pendant is silver measuring 1″ x 1/2″. It opens up so you can place one or two balls inside which contain the essential oils. It’s easy to open but make sure the chain is off.

The balls come included and are a variety of colours. They can be reused a few times with different oils. I just leave the ball I have used on my counter for a day or so to air out the leftover oil and then place a few drops of a new oil on it. The necklace comes with a bunch of balls that will last me a long while.

A snake chain with lobster clasp comes with this pendant and I can assure you the chain is strong.

❤️ About Izzybell

Izzybell Jewelry is a dedicated company bringing their beautiful creative jewellery to everyone. Their unique, passionate, and committed to their beautiful designs and oils. Their website is full of gorgeous aromatherapy jewelry and tons of great information.

❤️ Website:

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Women Slip Dress Spaghetti Strap Full Cami Slip Camisole Under Dress Liner Black 


❤️ great price

❤️ 4 sizes

❤️ 6 colours

❤️ great elasticity 

❤️ super comfortable

This is a spaghetti strapped slip dress. It’s silky, stretchy, and form fitting. Fits snugly and comfortable. The spaghetti straps are adjustable. It is of knee height for me.

A slip is worn under a dress to keep it flowing and laying as should. It can keep a dress from bunching up or riding up. It can also be used under a see-through dress too.

I would definitely recommend this slip. I love wearing dresses and this just adds to how a dress should look. I feel confident in my appearance knowing I have this slip is enhancing the beauty of my dress’s appearance.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Avidlove Women Kimono Sexy Lingerie Lace Robes Babydoll Chemise Nightwear Purple L 


❤️ 5 sizes 

❤️ 4 beautiful colours

❤️ 5% cotton 95% chinlon

❤️ 3piece set

This robe is a great addition to my Avidlove collection. I must admit I really love Avidlove’s lingerie because the clothing is made of great quality and the many designs and colours are brilliant.

The robe is gorgeous in purple. There are 4 colours to choose from. There are also 5 sizes so anyone can enjoy the clothing. My size is always large but make sure you always measure yourself before ordering.

The robe has a very pretty trim and makes this stand out and unique. What’s great is the fact that the set comes with a strong ribbon belt and a matching G-string. 

The robe is super comfortable and light. It is totally see-through so definetly not something you would want to lounge around in. It’s a behind closed doors piece.

This robe would definetly go great with a lighter purple lingerie piece underneath. It’s a great addition to any lingerie collection.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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JEANSWSB Professional Ballet Convertible Velvet Tights 


💕 3 colours to choose

💕 4 sizes to choose

💕 reasonably priced 

💕 great for ballet

💕 high quality velvet

💕 super elasticity 
This is a pretty pair of pink ballet tights. Perfect for any little ballet dancer. My daughter has been showing signs of wanting to dance ballet so I am starting to collect ballet items for her. These tights have a cut out at the ball of the foot to make it more easier and comfortable on the feet. The material is stitched and sewn very well. Stretchy material too. A nice addition to anyone who loves the ballet.

💕 Amazon Purchase Link:

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Avidlove Women Chemises Sexy Lingerie Lace Babydoll Full Slip Sleepwear Dress Pastel Pink L 


❤️ worth every penny

❤️ great for play time 

❤️ great sleepwear

❤️ 3 colours to choose  

❤️ 5 sizes to choose 

This is absolutely gorgeous. I really have to brag this one up as it is my new favourite. I went with the colour Pastel Pink and it’s very pretty.

What I like about this is the fact that it makes me look more slender and accentuates my curves. It’s very flattering and form fittting. It definetly fit me as I expected. The spaghetti straps are adjustable which is great. 

The lacy patterns are gorgeous and I love how this piece was designed. Super comfortable to wear around and sleep in. The material feels so soft on my skin. I just love it!

The only thing is I wish it came with a matching G-string. That would have been a nice additional feature.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Avidlove Womens Halter Sexy Lace Babydoll Bow Satin Teddy Lingerie Rose Red L 


💕 variety of colours 

💕 variety of sizes 

💕 seductive

💕 ties with ribbons
A gorgeous unique teddy from Avidlove. It is one of my favorite because it is revealing and totally see-through. If your are anything like me and absolutely adore teddy’s like this than I recommend you checking this out.

The whole front of the teddy is mesh see-through material and it all ties in the back with ribbon. What is fabulous about this is the fact that it is snug and totally adjustable. If I lose or gain weight that won’t matter. I like that very much. 

I only wish it came with a G-string. That would have been very nice to complete this. 

I’m loving it and it fits me perfectly. I would recommend the rose red colour. It is pretty and suits this teddy. I also went with a large size since I find Avidlove’s sizes one size bigger than I would normally be. I never had any issues with their clothing not fitting.

💕 Amazon Purchase Link:

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Avidlove Women Halter Lingerie Lace Cup Chemises Satin Sleepwear Mini Nightgowns Dark Red L 

💕 variety of sizes

💕 variety of colours

💕 elastic band under bust

💕 comfortable sleepwear

💕 G-string included
I must admit I am addicted to lingerie from Avidlove. They make such gorgeous and alluring lingerie pieces. This one in particular is just one of many beautiful pieces they have created.

This satin chemise is extremely light and silky to the touch. It is a great piece for playtime and quite comfortable to lounge around in providing your just with your partner or alone. The breast area is all see through with the lacy mesh material that is rose patterns. This mesh goes into like a halter around the neck. No ties or buttons either which is nice around the neck. I like that there is an elastic underneath the breasts to help with support. That’s always a bonus. The chemise is knee height on me so it covers up down there which is too bad because it dosen’t show off the G-string which is included but that’s okay.

I chose the dark red colour and it is so much more vibrant than in the pictures on the product page. I also got a large size as I normally do because I never go wrong with that size. Just make sure you measure yourself to the best that you can.

Other than that I am loving this cute halter chemise. It’s another fabulous piece from this company.

💕 Amazon Purchase Link:

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