HUA WIND Soprano Ukulele For Beginners Four String Guitar Starter Ukulele Kit with Gig Bag,Tuner,Picks, Polish Cloth,Extra Strings (Brown)


great price

choose from 5colours

21 inched

lightweight and well made

great for adults and kids

a nice gift idea

This beautifully designed soprano ukulele bundle has everything you need to pick up and play right away. Its absolutely perfect for a beginner or if your children show interest in music, it could be the perfect start up.

This ukulele has a lovely body structure made from hard-maple and basswood. The strings are of a soft nylon. The finishing touch is a beautiful coat of gloss that makes the ukulele sparkle and shine.

The bundle comes with the ukulele, waterproof storage case, extra string, polishing cloth, tuner, and a few picks. Best of all its a great price and deal.

Ive always was interested in learning this popular instrument. It has a unique distinctive sound.

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Bluetooth Speakers, ARCHEER 25W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Super Bass, Loud Bamboo Wood Home Audio Wireless Speakers with Subwoofer


made from natural bamboo

intense audio quality

dual 5w speakers

15w subwoofer

Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

11 hours play time at 50%

By far the best Bluetooth speaker I own. I really love everything about it such as the design, ease of use, and above all the amazing sound quality. I’m totally blown away with the speaker and would recommend this to anyone who is a total music lover like me.

The speaker would be awesome for parties or other occasions. It’s loud, rich and crisp, and super intense. It makes listening to my music that much more enjoyable and I know for sure it would with you too.

What’s nice about this Bluetooth speaker is that you can either have a connected through a 3.5 mm or via Bluetooth. I also have to say that it is rechargeable. A carrying case even comes with this product. The beauty of Bluetooth speakers is the fact that it is portable and makes a great travel companion.

So really what are you waiting for? Go check out this awesome speakers product page to learn more

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Inflatable unicorn Pool Float Party Tube Pool Raft Summer Swimming Pool Outdoor Toy For Baby Infants & adults (Purple) 


great price

fun for everyone

strong material

attractive design 
This is such a fun unicorn floater for the pool or beach. My children love it and not only do they want to play with it in water but they also like playing with it indoors at home. 

The unicorn is big enough for two younger children I would say and big enough for 1 adult. It’s attractive and adorable. Very child friendly. 

It took me and my husband about 15 minutes to blow up and that’s with both of us doing this at the same time. Would definitely recommend an air compressor. 

Overall, this great unicorn is bringing lots of fun to me and my kids. Well made and thought out.

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Mugig Soprano Recorder Flute Key of G Recorder with Carrying Bag, Cleaning Rod, Manual Instruction , ABS Resin Material, 3-piece Construction, 8 Hole, 13.8 in Length (Blue) 

歹 great price

歹 blue

歹 key in G

歹 environmentally friendly

歹 easy maintenance

歹 Beautiful sound quality

歹 fun for kids and adults

This recorder brings back memories of my music class when I was in grade school. I had lots of fun playing a recorder but throughout the years you tend to lose your favourite items.

This recorder from Mugig has brought back the fun and joy of playing. The overall appearance is attractive with its blue colour. It’s made with ABS resin and has a beautiful polished body. 

The recorder detaches into 3 pieces for easy cleaning. A cleaning rod, instructions, and a storage case all comes included. 

The recorder sounds as it should and as I remember from when I was young. There are many songs on the internet you could find if you want to learn to play. This is fun for adults and kids. It definitely encourages the music within all of us.

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Motion Activated Toilet Night light MECO 8 Colors Changing Toilet Bowl Light Battery Operated Toilet Seat Night light for Bathroom Kid Children Midnight Potty Training (Batteries Not Included) 


歹 awesome price

歹 fun for kids

歹 interesting bathroom Decore

歹 easy to install

歹 easy to clean
This is a pretty neat idea to make your toilet interesting and entertaining. I can definetly see how this would get a child’s attention because my daughter was amazed by the different colours the toilet water turned. There is no setup required other than placing 3 AAA batteries in it. Just attach it to the toilet bowl and watch your toilet water change a variety of colours. 

I would recommend making sure the device gets cleaned every few days. Maybe use a Lysol wipe or something like that to keep it disinfected.

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ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Video Projector, Support 1080P Portable Pico Projector Ideal for Home Theater Cinema Movie Entertainment Games Parties, Black 


歹 reasonably priced

歹 multifunctional

easy to use

Great for children’s room

The Elephas Mini Projector is a great choice for my daughter’s bedroom. We decided to go with a projector because of the ability to make the screen large at an affordable price. This projector offers that. She can now watch her favourite cartoons in the comfort of her bedroom.

My daughter’s bedroom has a nice big empty wall that she now uses her projector with. The wall is an off-white colour and the projector still works great. Surprisingly the viewing is clear. We plan on getting a white screen for her soon but for now she is happy and enjoys it

What I like about this projector is that we can use my external USB drive that contains her massive collection of movies and TV shows. That’s the main device she will be using with the projector.

As she gets older, she will be able to use her projector to play video games or even look at pictures. There are so many options of how she will be able to use it. 

As I mentioned above this is a great choice if you are looking into a projector. It’s far more affordable than purchasing a new TV. My daughter thinks it’s pretty cool. I can’t wait until she is a bit older to realize the full potential of the Elephas Mini Projector

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TTSAM Mini Portable 3.5mm Pillow Dual Speakers with Extension Cord for MP3 MP4 CD iPod Phone (White) 


low price 

Great gift idea 

audio extension cord included 

compatible with 3.5mm devices
A portable speaker in your pillow… what a neat concept. I think its a new and fun way of listening to your favourite music. This would be great for those who love enjoying an audiobook or want to hear some calming nature sounds while you fall asleep. This would also be a neat gift idea for your teenager because we all know how much they listen to music right?

The setup was literally done in seconds and my pillow instantly started singing my favourite tunes. The speakers are small discs that are attached to an audio cable that supports all devices with a 3.5 mm jack. You even get an extension cable included. That was thoughtful and a great idea to include. A plastic device holder comes included too but I think it is a bit too flimsy to give my iPhone the security it needs standing up so I just lay it flat down in its case. I tested this on my iPhone 7+ using my 3.5 mm adapter that came with my phone. Everything works great.

I would recommend checking this out if you are into neat little gadgets like this that will give you more different ways of enjoying your music.

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