Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Tsumbay IPX7 Water Proof Shower speakers with Suction Cup, Mini Wireless Outdoor Speaker for iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, iPad, iPod, Laptops, PC and More – Black


🦋 fantastic price

🦋 love the sound quality

🦋 perfect for in-shower

🦋 answer calls in the shower

🦋 over 3h playtime

🦋 buckle clip included

🦋 portable & rechargeable

Wow I never had a shower speaker before and I can honestly say I have been totally missing out! Whether I want to just relax in the tub and listen to classical music or just want to listen to pop music while shower, I can now do that.

This portable shower speaker is dust, shock, and waterproof. Perfect for any setting whether it’s in the shower, beach, hiking, or anywhere. You can literally listen to music on the go.

My most favourite feature with this speaker is the fact that it has a built-in microphone for answering calls. How awesome is that. It literally drives me nuts because it seems like people always call when I am in the shower but now I can actually answer my calls with the speaker.

The speaker has all the necessary buttons for a full out music experience.

The Bluetooth technology is capatable with a wide range of devices. Oh, the beauty of Bluetooth!

This speaker gets a thumbs up for being a pretty awesome speaker.Check it out for yourself. It’s pretty impressive.

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NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera Video Recording Pan Tilt Remote Motion Detect Alert 


🦋 great price

🦋 One Key Wifi Configuration

🦋 for iPhone &a Android

🦋 1280 x 780p quality

🦋 awesome app features

The beauty of this wifi camera is the fact that you can use this in many scenarios and its jammed packed with great features.

Some scenarios that I will be using this camera for are… a video baby monitor, home security camera, and possibly in the future a intercom for my upstairs. The possibilities are endless.

This camera comes in a nicely presented box with everything you need to get started. I found the setup very easy and straightforward. All you need is your device with a QR code scanner app and your home wifi password information. The camera actually talks to you when plugged in telling you whether your connected or not and if you successfully connected to your wifi.

The quality of the camera is impressive. HD quality is 1280 x 780p. There is no lagging of video when watching on my phone. Real time. I’m using this with my iPhone 7+ with no issues.

The app has so many great features such as record, take picture, audio control, and turning audio on the camera so you can actually talk through it. These are a few of the ones I like.

Overall, I believe this wifi camera will prove itself useful for what I am going to be using it for. It has met my expectations and is exactly what I want. Its nice to be able to keep an eye on my daughter when she is up in her room in her crib for a nap.The camera brings a peace of mind. 

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Bluetooth Speaker, ELEGIANT Portable LED Light Cube Bluetooth Mini Wireless Speaker Stereo Box Powerful Sound with Build-in Microphone, Work for Smart Iphone Ipad, Ipod,Samsung,Tablet Laptop Mp3 CD Pl Black 


🦋 great price

🦋 beautifully creative design 

🦋 multifunctional Waze to stream 

🦋 Bluetooth Technology 

🦋 rechargeable lithium battery 

🦋 charge cable included

🦋 auxiliary cable included 

This multifunctional Bluetooth speaker is not only creatively designed but it’s impressive too. For what it’s worth its a great sounding speaker.

The design is so cool. I’ve had speakers in the past but this model is the most coolest I have owned. Love the lights. They are bright and bold and adds to the music experience. The speaker comes in two colours which is black and blue. 

The speaker is multifunctional in the way you can use it. There is a built in FM radio for those who enjoy just listening to whatever. You can use the included aux cable to hook up any media source that dosen’t support Bluetooth such as a laptop. Your mobile phone can stream its music via Bluetooth. There is even a built-in mic.

The sound is good. It meets my expectations for a portable speaker. Audio is crystal clear. No distortion. 

I mainly use this speaker to listen to my iPhone’s library connecting via Bluetooth and the pairing was simple with no issues. 

Overall, the speaker is great quality and enjoyable. It’s worth the price. It’s also a nice room decor when not in use.

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Lightning Cable,Zeuste 3Pcs 5Ft/1.5M Braided iPhone Cord Lightning to USB Charging iPhone Cable for iPhone 6s Plus/ 6 /SE/5s 5c 5, iPad Air / mini / 4th Gen, iPod nano / touch 


❤️ awesome price

❤️ 3 lightning charging cords

❤️ durable

❤️ high speed results

❤️ braided 

❤️ 5 feet

This is 3 lightning charging cords for an incredible price. Their high quality and a far better quality than what you get with your device. This is worth the investment.

The cords are made of an aluminum shell with a nylon braided jacket. Very strong and super durable. These cords are made to last. My iPhone + charges at a high speed when compared to my regular lightning cord. It works well. The cords are 5 feet which gives me more flexibility when I need to charge my phone.

These are now my new favourite lightning charging cords. My family and I tend to go through cords like crazy and it gets expensive but these cords are going to save me a lot of hassle and $$$.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Archeer A106 Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Microphone, Powerful 5W Driver with Enhanced Bass, 20 hour Playtime, for Shower/Sports – Black 


❤️ great price

❤️ outstanding sound quality

❤️ wireless and portable

❤️ 3-5 hours to charge up

❤️ 16-20 hours playtime 

❤️ built-in microphone 

❤️ easy to use

❤️ Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

This Bluetooth speaker impressed me. It’s exactly what I have been looking for to enjoy my music library on my iPhone 7+. 

The speaker has great features which adds to the enjoyment. It is portable and can withstand a variety of conditions such as splashes, shocks, and dust. It allows you to take it anywhere you go and even comes with a lanyard. A 3.5 mm audio cable comes included if your media device dosen’t support Bluetooth. There is even a built-in microphone to be able to answer calls. That’s impressive.

This speaker is simple to use and pairing with Bluetooth is flawless and simple. I am using it with the iPhone 7+ and have encountered no issues. It comes with instructions but it’s all pretty straightforward. 

The speaker gives off a crystal clear sound with no distortion if it is at maximum volume. The subwoofer will blow your socks off for such a small yet powerful speaker. It’s intense. 

Everything about this speaker is enjoyable and I am loving it.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Wireless Endoscope, Potensic WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixels HD Snake Camera for Andorid and IOS Smartphone, iPhone, Samsung, Tablet – Black(5 Meter)


💕 reasonably priced

💕 wifi capability 

💕 iPhone &a Android compatible

💕 3 lengths to choose

💕 2.0 megapixel camera

💕 many uses

💕 waterproof & durable

This endoscope is a great tool. It can be used in a variety of different scenarios if you need to see something that is particularly impossible without this. The most common that I have heard is plumbing issues due to clogging.

My hubby decided to get this because he is doing a few major renovations to our old house. There are places in the house that he can’t quite see and this endoscope can help with that. There are a few walls that he would like to tear down, check everywhere for mould,, water damage, inside the chimney, and of course plumbing. This will come in handy for him.

What’s great is that this endoscope is simple and easy to use. He dosen’t care for complicated devices. It took him a few short minutes to figure out how it all works, including the great iPhone app. He likes this very much and says it makes things a bit more easier.

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EasySMX EACH G2000 Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset Wired Headphone with Adjustable Headband and Microphone Mic USB and 3.5mm Audio Connector LED Indicator Noise Isolation/In-line Volume Control for PC Gamers (Black+Blue)


💕 affordable

💕 ergonomically designed

💕 phenomenal sound quality 

What I like about these headphones is the fact that they can be used in different ways such as watching movies, listening to music, and intense game play. 
These headphones are comfortable and adjusts to fit anybody. They are designed for prolonged use and proves useful in gaming. Ive watched a movie and it was not bothersome to wear these.
The audio is amazing. When the volume is cranked the base is pumping. It makes you feel like dancing or right there in the game.
The microphone is clear and performs as it should. My friend said she was able to hear me perfectly when we video chatted. 
Overall, i’m enjoying this headset and so is my family especially my stepson who absolutely loves playing video games on his Xbox.

💕 Amazon Purchase Link:

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