Bluetooth Speaker, ELEGIANT Portable LED Light Cube Bluetooth Mini Wireless Speaker Stereo Box Powerful Sound with Build-in Microphone, Work for Smart Iphone Ipad, Ipod,Samsung,Tablet Laptop Mp3 CD Pl Black 


great price

beautifully creative design 

multifunctional Waze to stream 

Bluetooth Technology 

rechargeable lithium battery 

charge cable included

auxiliary cable included 

This multifunctional Bluetooth speaker is not only creatively designed but it’s impressive too. For what it’s worth its a great sounding speaker.

The design is so cool. I’ve had speakers in the past but this model is the most coolest I have owned. Love the lights. They are bright and bold and adds to the music experience. The speaker comes in two colours which is black and blue. 

The speaker is multifunctional in the way you can use it. There is a built in FM radio for those who enjoy just listening to whatever. You can use the included aux cable to hook up any media source that dosen’t support Bluetooth such as a laptop. Your mobile phone can stream its music via Bluetooth. There is even a built-in mic.

The sound is good. It meets my expectations for a portable speaker. Audio is crystal clear. No distortion. 

I mainly use this speaker to listen to my iPhone’s library connecting via Bluetooth and the pairing was simple with no issues. 

Overall, the speaker is great quality and enjoyable. It’s worth the price. It’s also a nice room decor when not in use.

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Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 for Computers, Tablets and Smartphones, Black (920-006342) 


  a bit expensive but worth it

standard desktop keys

Holder for smartphones 
The main reason I purchased this Bluetooth keyboard by Logitech is because it offered the standard size desktop keys. I have had other models of keyboards in the past and their keys were so tiny and it is near impossible to comfortably type, especially if you are a super quick typist like myself.

The keyboard is portable and can easily fit in any place or school bag let’s just say for example. It may be standard size keys but the general whole size of the keyboard is not the same size as a regular desktop keyboard.

The option to switch between Bluetooth devices is a cool feature. I can have my iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV all connected at the same time. There is a slider wheel at the top left of the keyboard that controls this feature. 

I don’t own a laptop or desktop computer so I do everything on my iPhone 7+ and that includes a massive amount of writing. So I am extremely glad I decided to purchase this keyboard. It makes my life so much simpler and not to mention I can now type like a speed demon lol.

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