placeholder://[UPGRADE] MOKOQI Rotating Star Sky Projection Night Lights Toys Table Lamps with Timer Shut Off & Color Changing For 1 Year Old Baby Girls Boys Bedroom Christmas Gift Baby Nursery Lights(Blue)


great price

bright & colourful

easy to operate

360 rotation

timer functionality

fun for babies

The MOKOQI baby projector is a sweet addition to my toddlers bedtime routine. It has a way of setting a peaceful ambience to her bedroom which helps contribute to her relaxing and falling asleep.

The projector is perfectly sized so it takes up minimal space on a desk, dresser, or shelf. Its easy to operate and has the option of powering by batteries or with the included USB power adapter.

As for the imagery this projector displays, I can honestly say its impressive. The images displayed are bright and vivid. Beautiful moon and stars come alive with the help of the 360簞 rotation option.

Im really pleased overall with this projector. Its beautiful entrancing images has definitely created the perfect relaxing atmosphere for my little one.

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Mugig Concert Ukulele 23inch Mahogany body,Rosewood fingerboard,Italian aquila strings with carrying bag


great price

23 inch ukulele

Great for beginners or advanced

comes with carrying case

I’ve always loved the beautiful sound of a ukulele so I’ve decided I want to learn how to play. This ukulele seems perfect for anyone who loves this musical instrument. It’s of nice quality and I was really excited to receive this.

I was impressed at the quality of this ukulele. It’s gorgeous. The product description picture dosen’t do this ukulele justice. Quite lightweight. Fits nice and snug in my lap while I play. I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar too but my hands are too small so the ukulele is a nicer comfortable fit for my hands.

This ukulele is made from high grade mahogany, rosewood, and Aquila nylon for its strings. The body is glossy-like and really brings out a nice shiny appearance.

So far I am really enjoying my new musical instrument. If you’re looking for a ukulele I would definitely recommend this. Fantastic quality at a great price.

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Inflatable unicorn Pool Float Party Tube Pool Raft Summer Swimming Pool Outdoor Toy For Baby Infants & adults (Purple) 


great price

fun for everyone

strong material

attractive design 
This is such a fun unicorn floater for the pool or beach. My children love it and not only do they want to play with it in water but they also like playing with it indoors at home. 

The unicorn is big enough for two younger children I would say and big enough for 1 adult. It’s attractive and adorable. Very child friendly. 

It took me and my husband about 15 minutes to blow up and that’s with both of us doing this at the same time. Would definitely recommend an air compressor. 

Overall, this great unicorn is bringing lots of fun to me and my kids. Well made and thought out.

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Sunvito Night Lighting Lamp,Sunvito Romantic Rotating Star Moon Sky Projector for Babies,Children Kids Bedroom (4 Bright LED 3 Mode Lights,Powered by DC5V/AAA Battery and USB Cable (pink) 


great for kids and adults 

bright vivid images 

variety of colours 

rotation option
My daughters, ages 4 and 1, are totally mesmerized by this adorable projector for children. I’m a grown woman and I absolutely love it too. I have had projectors in the past but I can honestly say this one is particularly my favorite. 

What I look for in a projector is how brightly the images are projected on the walls. This one has no problems with that. The stars are crystal clear and very brightly displayed. It’s actually very entrancing and relaxing. 

There are a variety of features which enhances the beauty of this projector. The globe can rotate which makes the stars come to life around the room. There are a variety of colors and light patterns which is nice since it gives you options. 

There is no setup required. There is the option to use batteries or an adapter, both are not included. I find placing it on my daughter’s dresser gives the best results but that’s just me. 

This is definitely worth checking out if you have young children like mine or if you’re into these kinds of projectors. We are enjoying it tremendously.

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Rainbow Projector LED Lamp/Night Light Reflection Magic Rainbow for Room Decor by Sotijobs 



vibrant rainbow results 

great for children 

automatic shut of
A rainbow is quite the phenomenon. What child wouldn’t want a pretty rainbow all to themselves. They are so magical and unique. Now my daughter has one of her own. She loves this projector.

The projector is in a rainbow-like shape. It displays a rainbow all over her bedroom wall. It’s stunning and unique. The colors are vivid and colourful. Very much resembles a true rainbow.

It’s simple to use with its one button feature and no setup required. It can use AAA batteries or an adapter which are not included but easily obtainable. For best results in my opinion is placing the projector on a nightstand or dresser. Works great. 

Hope all your little ones will enjoy having a pretty rainbow in their rooms just as much as my girl does.

This is now apart of my daughter’s bedtime routine. She knows it’s time to go to sleep when the rainbow does. It’s super cute.

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