Premium Frosted Glass Aroma Diffuser | Ultrasonic Ionizer / Cool Mist Essential Oil Humidifier for Large Room by Boxiki Care | LED, Waterless Auto Shut-Off | Best Home Gift


great price

beautifully designed

easy to use

sweet glowing ambience

ultrasonic, very quiet

auto shut-off

power adapter included

Beautiful aromatherapy diffuser with its unique frosted glass design. Its an amazing room decoration that makes you relax as it spreads your oils throughout the home.

This diffuser has beautiful LED lights that continuously change colour which I personally feel makes for a fantastic nightlight.The ambience is soothing.

Overall, the diffuser performs as it should. The design is gorgeous and definitely a lovely product.

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placeholder://[UPGRADE] MOKOQI Rotating Star Sky Projection Night Lights Toys Table Lamps with Timer Shut Off & Color Changing For 1 Year Old Baby Girls Boys Bedroom Christmas Gift Baby Nursery Lights(Blue)


great price

bright & colourful

easy to operate

360 rotation

timer functionality

fun for babies

The MOKOQI baby projector is a sweet addition to my toddlers bedtime routine. It has a way of setting a peaceful ambience to her bedroom which helps contribute to her relaxing and falling asleep.

The projector is perfectly sized so it takes up minimal space on a desk, dresser, or shelf. Its easy to operate and has the option of powering by batteries or with the included USB power adapter.

As for the imagery this projector displays, I can honestly say its impressive. The images displayed are bright and vivid. Beautiful moon and stars come alive with the help of the 360簞 rotation option.

Im really pleased overall with this projector. Its beautiful entrancing images has definitely created the perfect relaxing atmosphere for my little one.

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Roller Balls for Essential Oils by PrettyCare ( Colorful Glass, 12pack24 Pieces Labels, Opener, 2 Funnels ) Essential Oils Roller Balls

attractive bottles

Great for take a long

easy to use

glides oils smoothly

A great gift idea

funnels included for easy pouring

This lovely set of 12 Roll-on bottles for essential oils are a must have for any essential oil lover like myself. These bottles are so handy to carry around your oils.

The bottles are very pretty with their variety of colours. Each one is slender and fits well into a purse, pocket, baby bag, or just about anything for that take along aromatherapy fix.

The roller ball inside the bottle is what will apply your oils. Personally, I love carrying around lavender and every now and again roll a slight amount behind my ears or on my wrist. It smells amazing.

So basically what you get are the 12 pretty botttles, extra roller balls, and 2 funnels. Everything you need to be able to take along your oils.

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Essential Oil Diffuser, Rainco 600ml Square Modern Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier with 7 Color LED Mode for Home Office Bedroom Living Room Study Yoga Spa White


lovely modern design

also can be a cool mist humidifier

600 mL capacity

7 LED lights

measuring cup included

Power adaptor included

Rainco’s essential oil diffuser is a fantastic diffuser for spreading all that beautiful fragrances around the home. With its large 600ml capacity it definitely can spread out the oils especially to much larger areas.

This aromatherapy powerhouse has great features including 4 timer settings, automatic shut off, 6-10h working time, and gorgeous LED lights perfect to set that mood or just to have as a nightlight.

This diffuser would be perfect for any room setting in the home, office, or salon. It’s ultrasonic technology makes for a very quiet device.

Overall, it’s a lovely design, spreads the oils as should, and a relaxing experience after a long day.

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Jewelry Box LELADY Portable Travel Jewelry Organizer Faux Leather Storage Case Holder for Earrings Rings Necklaces, Gifts for Women, Mini Size, White


歹 Great price

歹 portable and great for travel

歹 10cm x 10cm x 5cm

歹 A wonderful gift idea

歹 keeps your belongings safe

This is the perfect travel jewelry box I have ever owned.It has a classy elegant appearance that could be a wonderful gift idea or just for personal use. It is just the right size for travel or just to hold your jewelry at home. It’s lightweight, compact, and convenient.

The box’s exterior is made of a synthetic leather. The interior is a soft velvet lining to help protect the jewelry. The box has a handy zipper closure. The overall design is well made and elegant.

Inside there are compartments for rings, necklaces,earrings,and bracelets. It can hold six rings comfortably. It can pretty much hold quite a bit of jewelry.

This travel jewelry box from Lelady is a great way to keep all those beautiful belongings with you everywhere you go.

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Anjou Bath Bombs Gift Set, 6 x 4.0 oz Vegan Natural Essential Oils & Dry Flowers, lush Fizzy Spa Moisturizes Dry Skin, Bubble Baths, Best Gift Kit Ideas for Girlfriends, Women, Moms


fabulously priced

all natural

moisturizes skin

4 oz each

6 he sensual oil fragrances

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special someone or possibly a friend?perhaps you are seeking a relaxing bath experience after a very long stressful day. Have you ever tried n aromatherapy bath bomb? If no, I would totally recommend you checking it out.

Anjou’s bath bombs are amazing. In the beautifully designed package you get six 4 oz bombs. Each bomb is sealed in plastic wrap and tissue wrapped. You can literally smell all the wonderful fragrances before opening the box.

Each bath bomb has a different essential oil at it. These are all natural and made with dried flowers. They also contain moisturizing skin care treatment so it’s perfect to use if you suffer from dry skin. They fizz and bubble when placed in your warm bath water. Very quickly disbursing their Beautiful fragrances.

So what are you waiting for? Doesn’t that sound amazing? Try these out you won’t be disappointed. I love them.

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Electric Callus Remover with Built in Battery/ Rechargeable Electronic Derma Roller/Callus, Dry Cracked Skin Remover/Water Resistant/USB cable/ Led Light/Grinding Derma Roller

🦋 great price
🦋 effective
🦋 easy to use
🦋 portable and light weight
🦋 water resistant
🦋 360 rotation
🦋 extra coarse durable grinder
🦋 2 grinders included
🦋 40 minutes on full charge
🦋 built-in LED light

🦋 my Thoughts:
Anyone who has awful dry cracked heels knows just how embarrassing and incredibly painful it can be to have. I unfortunately am one of the unfortunate ones and my heels are in rough condition.It has gotten so bad by times where I could barely walk on my feet. Yes maybe a little neglect on my side and obviously what I have used to maintain my heels haven't been working. I have been looking for another alternative so I went with this electric callus remover.

If you have it as bad as I do than I must tell you it's not an overnight magical fix. Using this remover is a great start. It takes time and consistency. The remover will work its magic.

The electric callus remover comes with everything you need such as the device, two grinders, rechargeable USB cord, and a nice pink drawstring bag to keep everything in.

The remover is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Because it rotates in 360°, your arm or hand won't get tired. It literally does all the work for you. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfort. The grinder is coarse and definitely gets the dead skin off with ease. I would recommend soaking your feet first before use. This product is waterproof so no worries.

Overall, this is a great product to help you achieve beautiful skin on your feet. It takes time but it will get there.

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