Squeeze and Stack Block Set- BPA Free and Soft Baby Building Blocks Toys (Set of 10) by LiangTing

🦋 fun for babies and toddlers
🦋 A great learning toy
🦋 safe for babies
🦋 can be stacked
🦋 Great for teething babies
🦋 fun bath toy

This set of 10 blocks are absolutely adorable. My little girl has been occupied with them since they arrived. She seems to love stacking the blocks and knocking them down. She has lots of fun.

Each block is designed with numbers, shapes, and cute animal pictures. Very colourful. They all squeak too which is pretty amusing to my little one. A lot of learning and development of fine motor skills can be done with these blocks.

What's nice about these blocks is that they are easily cleaned, can be chewed on when teething, and can be a fun bath toy too.

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NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera Video Recording Pan Tilt Remote Motion Detect Alert 


🦋 great price

🦋 One Key Wifi Configuration

🦋 for iPhone &a Android

🦋 1280 x 780p quality

🦋 awesome app features

The beauty of this wifi camera is the fact that you can use this in many scenarios and its jammed packed with great features.

Some scenarios that I will be using this camera for are… a video baby monitor, home security camera, and possibly in the future a intercom for my upstairs. The possibilities are endless.

This camera comes in a nicely presented box with everything you need to get started. I found the setup very easy and straightforward. All you need is your device with a QR code scanner app and your home wifi password information. The camera actually talks to you when plugged in telling you whether your connected or not and if you successfully connected to your wifi.

The quality of the camera is impressive. HD quality is 1280 x 780p. There is no lagging of video when watching on my phone. Real time. I’m using this with my iPhone 7+ with no issues.

The app has so many great features such as record, take picture, audio control, and turning audio on the camera so you can actually talk through it. These are a few of the ones I like.

Overall, I believe this wifi camera will prove itself useful for what I am going to be using it for. It has met my expectations and is exactly what I want. Its nice to be able to keep an eye on my daughter when she is up in her room in her crib for a nap.The camera brings a peace of mind. 

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S&G night light Cute Smile Cat Silicon LED Desk Lamp with 7 Changing Color for Baby Bedroom Office- Warm White 


❤️ great price 

❤️ great for babies and kids

Warm white glowing light 

❤️ variety of changing coloured lights

❤️ rechargeable

This is a cute kitty cat nightlight. Great for kids of all ages. My daughter has it on her dresser and uses it at night.

The kitty is made of a silicone and ABS material. Durable and safe. No need to keep it plugged in as its rechargeable. It gives off a soft warm white glow or changes a variety of colours. 

The kitty cat doesn’t take up too much room. It is great to sit on dressers or nightstands. It’s sturdy on its base. Lightweight. Easy to wipe down. 

Overall this nightlight is great. A nice addition to my daughters bedroom Decor.

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 ✓ Thinp Handheld Milk Frother Wand with Stand – Professional Stainless Steel Drink Mixer & Barista Latte Art Tool – Make Decadent Cafe Style Foam for Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Lattes, Teas 


❤️ great price

❤️ powerful appliance 

❤️ many various uses 

❤️ stainless steel

❤️ battery operated

❤️ stand included

This is my first experience with a frother. It’s actually a useful kitchen appliance to have. I’m impressed with all the various uses this provides.

You would typically use this frother for making that amazing froth for hot beverages but you can also use this for mixing eggs to create fluffier scrambled eggs or mixing concentrated baby formula which I so wish I had to help me when my daughters were drinking formula. 

This appliance is very simple to use. No effort needed because the frother does it all for you. Just place the frother end into your choice mixture and press the button. It will do its thing and after about 30 seconds its done and ready. It leaves you with a frothy mixture.

What’s nice about this appliance is that its made of stainless steel and easy to keep clean. It’s stylish and eye appealing. A stand comes included so it can be kept on the counter or it can be mounted onto the wall which is what I will likely do eventually. Either way it works.

So if your looking for a great handheld mixer for frothing or mixing baby formula than this might be for you. 

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Automatic Bed Bell Crib Musical Mobile (35 songs) 


❤️ 35 melodies

❤️ catches baby’s attention

❤️ unisex 

❤️ reasonably priced 
What’s nice about this is the fact that you can create your own mobile for your child. So if you are crafty this is for you. Everything about this musical mobile is simply adorable. I’m really glad I got one for my little girl. She loves it too.

You can use this mobile to hang little teddy’s or any little trinket your child loves and the mobile will turn it around and around. 

The musical melodies are 
all familiar from classic lullaby’s to Christmas tunes. Each melody plays about 15 seconds and then switches to another melody.

A few songs are:
 ⁃ You are my sunshine.

 ⁃ Canon in D.

 ⁃ Here comes the Bride.

 ⁃ Frosty the Snowman.

 ⁃ When You Wish Upon A Star.

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KINDEN Kids Play Tent, Indoor&Outdoor Pop Up House kid Play Tent Game Ball Pit PlayHouse Baby Beach Tent 


💕 low price

💕 easy setup

💕 encourages imaginary play

💕 great for young children

💕 see-through mesh sides 

💕 great ball pit if you have balls

My daughter is enjoying her new tent immensely. She was so excited to get in there and play around. She is 18 months old and the tent is the perfect size for her. 

The tent is portable and lightweight. Great for taking it along anywhere you go. It’s easy to setup and fold back into its packaged bag. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of folding it back up but if you watch exactly as it unfolds than you should have no problems. The tent is full of vibrant colours which immediately grabs the attention of a young child. I know it did for mine. The tent has 2 see-through mesh sides and 2 sides that are for the opening of the tent doors. 

The tent is super easy to wipe down if any messes should happen. It’s perfect to have play balls in it for more fun. We have a bag of balls and I pour a bunch in for my daughter to play and she loves it.

Overall, it’s a fun activity for younger children. My little one has so much fun.

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Ecandy 360 Degree Rotating 3 Mode Star Light Projector Romantic Cosmos Star Lamp Bedroom Night light for Children, Adults, Christmas Gifts, Lovers with USB/ Battery Powered (R Pink) 


💕 adorable for children

💕 variety of themes to choose

💕 bright attractive colours

💕 rotation option
This is a neat multifunctional children’s projector. Love all the neat features it provides. It’s not only great for children but it’s a cool projector for adults too if you’re into stuff like this. 

My daughter’s, ages 4 and 1 love watching the crystal clear images over the bedroom walls. It helps promote quiet time when settle in for bed. I wish it played music though. 

There are different themes to choose from which makes this projector a bit different from other ones. There is a love theme, stars theme, constellation theme, and a Happy Birthday theme. All are pretty nice. The rotation feature makes the images come alive and circulates around the room. It definitely enhances the beauty that this projector gives. There are a variety of colours too which is pretty neat to change things up.

It’s super easy to use. Quite straightforward. It requires AAA batteries or an adapter. The adapter cord is a USB cable which is included but not the wall block so you will need that. It’s just a wall block an iPhone uses. At least that’s what I use.

This definitely brings a lot of fun to my girls.It’s a great addition to my children’s bedroom.

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