Rantizon Led Makeup Mirror 20 Light Bulbs Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror 180簞 Horizontal Or Vertical Rotation Table Top Vanity Mirror Removable 10 x Magnification Spot, Touch Screen, Shaving Mirror With Stand And Storage Tray for Bathroom, Bedroom, Travel, Dressing 


Great price

bright LED lighting 

10x Close up mirror included

anti-scratch and fingerprint

rectangular design

make up tray

The Rantizon’s 20 LED lights mirror has an attractive professional design. It’s created from ABS material so therefore anti-scratch and no fingerprint marks. Perfect for those makeup enthusiasts and those glamour girls.

This mirror provides you with 20 brightly illuminating LED lights that brightens up your face while applying makeup. Essential lighting is always beneficial.These lights are easily toggled on and off by touch. The lights can also be adjusted from dim to bright.

The included 10x circular mirror comes in handy for those close ups. This can be attached to your larger mirror via tiny suction cups or can just be used as a take along mirror. 

The stand is fully adjustable. 180 degrees rotation. Vertical and horizontal orientation. Allows you to position the mirror to meet your needs.

The stand has a tray for all your makeup essentials and the best part is they will never roll away from you especially those lipstick tubes. This was well thought out.

This is an ideal mirror that makes you look your best and also you will feel your best just by using it. I love it and I know you will too!

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Inflatable unicorn Pool Float Party Tube Pool Raft Summer Swimming Pool Outdoor Toy For Baby Infants & adults (Purple) 


great price

fun for everyone

strong material

attractive design 
This is such a fun unicorn floater for the pool or beach. My children love it and not only do they want to play with it in water but they also like playing with it indoors at home. 

The unicorn is big enough for two younger children I would say and big enough for 1 adult. It’s attractive and adorable. Very child friendly. 

It took me and my husband about 15 minutes to blow up and that’s with both of us doing this at the same time. Would definitely recommend an air compressor. 

Overall, this great unicorn is bringing lots of fun to me and my kids. Well made and thought out.

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Wireless Plug-In Door Bell/ Chime Kit with 1-Push Button, 1 Remote Button Transmitter, 36 Melodies, 315Mhz 330ft Long Range Portable Waterproof Doorbell Chime Alert System 


great price

simple installation

36 familiar tunes

4 volume levels

stylish design

This is a great wireless doorbell set for a very reasonable price. My original doorbell dosen’t work so I have been looking for an alternative and I decided to purchase this one.

The setup was easy. Literally took minutes to have it up and running. Everything you need is in the package.

What I love most about this doorbell set is the 36 tunes included. They are all so familiar. There are Christmas tunes, Classical, classic chimes, and more. The doorbell is loud but you can adjust the volume. 

Overall, great product. Would definitely recommend this if you need a new doorbell or if you just want to have A variety of tunes playing when somebody comes to the door.

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NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera Video Recording Pan Tilt Remote Motion Detect Alert 


great price

One Key Wifi Configuration

for iPhone &a Android

1280 x 780p quality

awesome app features

The beauty of this wifi camera is the fact that you can use this in many scenarios and its jammed packed with great features.

Some scenarios that I will be using this camera for are… a video baby monitor, home security camera, and possibly in the future a intercom for my upstairs. The possibilities are endless.

This camera comes in a nicely presented box with everything you need to get started. I found the setup very easy and straightforward. All you need is your device with a QR code scanner app and your home wifi password information. The camera actually talks to you when plugged in telling you whether your connected or not and if you successfully connected to your wifi.

The quality of the camera is impressive. HD quality is 1280 x 780p. There is no lagging of video when watching on my phone. Real time. I’m using this with my iPhone 7+ with no issues.

The app has so many great features such as record, take picture, audio control, and turning audio on the camera so you can actually talk through it. These are a few of the ones I like.

Overall, I believe this wifi camera will prove itself useful for what I am going to be using it for. It has met my expectations and is exactly what I want. Its nice to be able to keep an eye on my daughter when she is up in her room in her crib for a nap.The camera brings a peace of mind. 

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Coreal Duffle Bag Sports Gym Travel Camping Luggage Including Shoes Compartment Women & Men Pink 


21L x 11W x 12H (inch)

variety of colours

water resistance

lots of compartments
An ideal duffel bag perfect for travel, sports, the gym, or for any outing really. This stylish duffel bag comes in a variety of 7 colours. It’s a travel must-have essential.

This bag comes with a lot of compartments that can literally hold everything you could possibly need when you go out. It can hold your shoes, clothing, valuables, cellphone, and your toiletries. There is even a compartment on the side to hold a water bottle. It’s even water resistant so this bag will keep your contents safe from water.

The care and maintenance of this bag is minimal and simple. It can be easily wiped down and hung to dry. Make sure you read all of the product information to make sure you fully have an understanding of preserving the integrity of your duffel bag.

I’m really enjoying my stylish pink duffel bag. It’s perfect for me to keep all my belongings and my children’s as well when we travel outside of the home. There are loads of room and this is exactly as I expected when I received it. 

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Indulgent Cr癡me Br羶l矇e




plant base formulated

hydrating and moisturizing

paraben free


cruelty free
Indulgent Cr癡me Br羶l矇e is an organic body lotion that not only works great but it actually makes you feel great. The best way I would describe it is feeling far more comfortable in your own skin. After app lying I’m left with a sensation of hydration and there is a considerable amount of softness that I love.very easy to coat the skin and absorbs within a minute or so. 

This lotion is fragranced with a strong scent. It lingers on the skin for quite some time. Smells amazing. So much so that I wish I could eat myself up. It smells that delicious. I just can’t help myself and I find myself sniffing it. I know it sounds silly but I can assure you I’m not the only one. Smells like the real deal.

This lotion is formulated with 5 organic moisturizers which are as follows:
organic virgin coconut oil

organic Shea butter

organic aloe vera juice

organic sunflower seed oil

organic cocoa butter 
Each of these moisturizers play a big role in the performance of the body lotion. They all are natural and contribute special healthy skin benefits such as Shea butter which offers healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-Aging benefits. 

Honestly, I am enjoying what Indulgent Cr癡me Br羶l矇e has been doing for my skin. Leaves me with a beautiful soft and deliciously smelling aroma.

About the company:

Basd is a company that truly cares about the body care of everyone. Their message is beautiful and empowering to all. They believe in equality. They bring us a variety of body care Products that are not only healthy for your skin, but seductive and alluring. They want you to feel and look your best because you and your body is worth it.