Avidlove Womens Lingerie Fishnet Badydoll Mesh Hole Mini Dress Strap Chemise Blue 


πŸ’• one size fits most

πŸ’• variety of colours to choose

πŸ’• made of nylon and spandex
This is a beautiful piece of lingerie that I adore. It is revealing, comfortable, and of course very sexy.

The material is made of nylon and spandex which makes this piece of lingerie stretchy to fit any body type. I am an average size woman who has still a little bit of love handles from having children so finding lingerie is a little tricky for me. This is form fitting and tucks the tiny imperfections and makes me feel confident and beautiful.

This is very revealing but it actually Heights The breast, crotch, and bum area. It is unique and stylish. Blue is the colour I chose as it is my favourite colour but it also complements me as well.
I am enjoying wearing this sexy beautiful piece of lingerie.

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Avidlove Women Lingerie Sleepwear Satin Pajama Sexy Camisole Short Sets Blue L 


πŸ’• variety of colours and sizes

πŸ’• soft and silky material 

πŸ’• top & bottoms included
This pretty sexy sleepwear is comfortable. It is a nice lingerie set to sleep in and very light. The silky material feels good on my skin and not to mention my partner feels the same *wink wink*.
The set comes with the top and bottoms. The top is spaghetti strapped Cami and has a pretty lacy decor to it. The bottoms are elastic band and I feel like they should have had a separate size option as they are a bit big on me. 
Overall, I look forward to enjoying my new silky sleepwear.
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EasySMX EACH G2000 Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset Wired Headphone with Adjustable Headband and Microphone Mic USB and 3.5mm Audio Connector LED Indicator Noise Isolation/In-line Volume Control for PC Gamers (Black+Blue)


πŸ’• affordable

πŸ’• ergonomically designed

πŸ’• phenomenal sound quality 

What I like about these headphones is the fact that they can be used in different ways such as watching movies, listening to music, and intense game play. 
These headphones are comfortable and adjusts to fit anybody. They are designed for prolonged use and proves useful in gaming. Ive watched a movie and it was not bothersome to wear these.
The audio is amazing. When the volume is cranked the base is pumping. It makes you feel like dancing or right there in the game.
The microphone is clear and performs as it should. My friend said she was able to hear me perfectly when we video chatted. 
Overall, i’m enjoying this headset and so is my family especially my stepson who absolutely loves playing video games on his Xbox.

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J. RosΓ©e Necklace “Snowflake” 925 Sterling Silver 3A Zirconia Pendant Necklace Gift for Lover 


πŸ’• beautiful sparkling snowflake

πŸ’• sterling silver box chain 

πŸ’• zirconia stone

πŸ’• lovely packaging 

What amazes me most about this piece of jewellery is the simple fact that this looks great with any style of clothes I wear. It has a simple yet elegance-type design. I have always adored snowflakes so I was immediately smitten as soon as I seen this.

The pendant comes in a charcoal coloured gift box with J. RosΓ©e written in shiny silver letters. Once opened the gorgeous sparkling snowflake is presented. A sterling silver box chain is attached to the pendant. Underneath I found a polishing cloth and a tiny tag with cleaning instructions.

The snowflake is a flattering necklace. Honestly looks more expensive. The zirconia gemstone is known for simulating a diamond -like resemblance and proves just that in this piece of jewellery. The sterling silver chain is a 18 inch box chain with a spring ring closure. The chain is quite thin which goes nicely with the pendant. The length is exactly my size and sits lightly around my neck area with the pendant placed a few inches above the breast area.

I’m enjoying my new snowflake necklace by J. RosΓ©.. 

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