Sunvito Night Lighting Lamp,Sunvito Romantic Rotating Star Moon Sky Projector for Babies,Children Kids Bedroom (4 Bright LED 3 Mode Lights,Powered by DC5V/AAA Battery and USB Cable (pink) 


πŸ’• great for kids and adults 

πŸ’• bright vivid images 

πŸ’• variety of colours 

πŸ’• rotation option
My daughters, ages 4 and 1, are totally mesmerized by this adorable projector for children. I’m a grown woman and I absolutely love it too. I have had projectors in the past but I can honestly say this one is particularly my favorite. 

What I look for in a projector is how brightly the images are projected on the walls. This one has no problems with that. The stars are crystal clear and very brightly displayed. It’s actually very entrancing and relaxing. 

There are a variety of features which enhances the beauty of this projector. The globe can rotate which makes the stars come to life around the room. There are a variety of colors and light patterns which is nice since it gives you options. 

There is no setup required. There is the option to use batteries or an adapter, both are not included. I find placing it on my daughter’s dresser gives the best results but that’s just me. 

This is definitely worth checking out if you have young children like mine or if you’re into these kinds of projectors. We are enjoying it tremendously.

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Rainbow Projector LED Lamp/Night Light Reflection Magic Rainbow for Room Decor by Sotijobs 


πŸ’• affordable 

πŸ’• vibrant rainbow results 

πŸ’• great for children 

πŸ’• automatic shut of
A rainbow is quite the phenomenon. What child wouldn’t want a pretty rainbow all to themselves. They are so magical and unique. Now my daughter has one of her own. She loves this projector.

The projector is in a rainbow-like shape. It displays a rainbow all over her bedroom wall. It’s stunning and unique. The colors are vivid and colourful. Very much resembles a true rainbow.

It’s simple to use with its one button feature and no setup required. It can use AAA batteries or an adapter which are not included but easily obtainable. For best results in my opinion is placing the projector on a nightstand or dresser. Works great. 

Hope all your little ones will enjoy having a pretty rainbow in their rooms just as much as my girl does.

This is now apart of my daughter’s bedtime routine. She knows it’s time to go to sleep when the rainbow does. It’s super cute.

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Mozeat Lens iPhone Lens, 0.60X Wide Angle + 15X Macro + 37mm CPL polarizer Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lenses Kit for Samsung, Android Smartphones, iPhone 


πŸ’• affordable

πŸ’• easy to use

πŸ’• professional looking results

πŸ’• 3-in-1 camera lenses

πŸ’• tested with iPhone 7+

These days you don’t even see that many people using digital cameras anymore. Everybody uses their cell phones nowadays, myself included.

If you’re a picture lover like me then you just might like to check this out.I am definitely not a professional photographer but this 3-in-1 camera lens for my iPhone sure makes me look like I am taking professional pictures.

My favorite lens to use is the wide angle and that’s because I live in PEI and there are so many sites to take beautiful pictures of such as tourist areas, beaches, lighthouses, and whatnot.It surely does give you a wider picture than the iPhone normal camera lens. 

In the attached pictures, I am showing a before and after shot with the wide angle lens. It’s actually my backyard so there is not that much to see but the Winter and trees. It will demonstrate though. I am so looking forward to using these lenses in the Summer.

So basically, I think this is pretty neat. I am always taking pictures wherever I go. The lenses come in a luxurious case that fits perfectly in my purse so I can carry it along. Everything you need to take professional looking pictures with your cell phone is included and to me well that’s absolutely right up my alley.

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Avidlove Women Babydoll Sexy Lingerie Transparent Sleepwear Lace Nightwear Black Large

πŸ’• affordable

πŸ’• variety of sizes & colours 

πŸ’• appealing and super cute

πŸ’• thongs included
Now this is super cute. I chose the rose red and I’m impressed with how vibrant the colour is. Everything is totally see-through so totally revealing. 

The top is spaghetti strap. The mesh is adorable and flares outward towards the bottom. I really like that. The matching thong is exactly the same mesh see-through material. 

The material is not stretchy just FYI like a lot of the other Avidlove pieces. I chose a large size but I am a medium usually. I find a large with these lingerie pieces give me a perfect fit every time. Not to mention it’s so light and comfortable.

This is definitely an alluring piece of lingerie. Definitely a favourite one of mine.

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LESHP Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 4.1 with microphone Sport Stereo Headset IPX5 Waterproof earphones for Gym Running Workout Sport 


πŸ’• worth every penny!

πŸ’• comfortable

πŸ’• easy to use

πŸ’• great sound

πŸ’• tested on iPhone 7+

πŸ’• USB charge cord included

πŸ’• extra ear bud pieces includedt

I’m excited to say these are my new favourite Bluetooth earbuds. I’m really fussy about these things and I’ve tried a few sets which didn’t impress me. I’m glad I came across this set.

Super simple to use and never needed to refer to the included instructions. I love simple setups. Bluetooth was quick and responsive within seconds.

There are 3 control vuttons on the ear bud which allows you to control the power/off, volume up/down, voice dial, and changing music tracks. Pretty cool eh?

The ear buds fit exactly the way I had hoped. They don’t wiggle and fall out if I’m running on my treadmill. Very comfortable. I was so worried the ear piece wouldn’t fit my small ear but it actually did. Relief!

As for sound quality, it’s great. I love listening to Pitbull cranked up. There’s no distortion or anything… just a crystal clear audio.

I’m enjoying my new Bluetooth ear buds tremendously and totally happy that I finally found a pair that works for me.

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Avidlove Sexy Lingerie for Women Teddy Nightwear Lace Babydoll Bodysuit Purple L


πŸ’• worth every penny

πŸ’• 5 sizes to choose

πŸ’• 4 colours to choose from

πŸ’• very revealing

Are you looking to make your partner even more hot n’ bothered πŸ˜‰? I’m absolutely sure this will do the trick because it sure did for me! This sexy little piece of lingerie is very revealing and I love it for many reasons.

Extremely comfortable in every way. I chose the large size and it fits me perfectly. My breasts fit nice in the bra cups that is see-through with lacy trimmings. Very cute. The connected thong is lacy with little shows. Oh yes, this wraps around your neck to tie. The material is soft and not itchy which is a bonus.

What is nice about this piece of lingerie is the fact that you can walk around and nothing will fall out of place. It stays intact even when hitting the sheets. Great right?

This is definitely A great addition to my lingerie collection. Totally enjoying.

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