M.Way A4 LED Tracing Light Box USB Power Super Thin Light Pad Artist Stencil Table Copy Board with Brightness Illumination Adjustable Tattoo Sketch Architecture Calligraphy Crafts For Artists Drawing


💕 reasonably priced 

💕 A great gift 

💕 Great for sketching and tattoos 

💕 three light modes included 
We are using this tracing pad to help our 4-year-old to learn how to write her ABCs and 123s. She is actually doing pretty good so far and seems to like the tracing pad. We do other things with her too like shapes and small words. We usually use her chalkboard but thought this would be an interesting method of learning. Even though this is more for an artist or tattooist, this tracing pad can be used so many different creative ways.

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ELEPHAS 1200 Lumens LED Mini Video Projector, Support 1080P Portable Pico Projector Ideal for Home Theater Cinema Movie Entertainment Games Parties, Black 


❤️ reasonably priced

❤️ multifunctional

💕 easy to use

💕 Great for children’s room

The Elephas Mini Projector is a great choice for my daughter’s bedroom. We decided to go with a projector because of the ability to make the screen large at an affordable price. This projector offers that. She can now watch her favourite cartoons in the comfort of her bedroom.

My daughter’s bedroom has a nice big empty wall that she now uses her projector with. The wall is an off-white colour and the projector still works great. Surprisingly the viewing is clear. We plan on getting a white screen for her soon but for now she is happy and enjoys it

What I like about this projector is that we can use my external USB drive that contains her massive collection of movies and TV shows. That’s the main device she will be using with the projector.

As she gets older, she will be able to use her projector to play video games or even look at pictures. There are so many options of how she will be able to use it. 

As I mentioned above this is a great choice if you are looking into a projector. It’s far more affordable than purchasing a new TV. My daughter thinks it’s pretty cool. I can’t wait until she is a bit older to realize the full potential of the Elephas Mini Projector

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BESTOPE Makeup Brushes 20 Pcs Makeup Brush Set Professional Face Eyeliner Shadow Blush Cosmetic Brushes Set for Powder Liquid Cream 


❤️ very great low price

❤️ 20 piece brush set

❤️ made of high quality fibre 

❤️ easy to clean 

These are a great set of makeup brushes to make your everyday makeup regimen look and feel even more vibrant and professional. If you are really into makeup than these will surely benefit you.

What I like about this set is that there are 20 brushes included to meet all your needs. There’s literally a brush for everything. All the brushes are high quality and well made. Great for assisting you to achieve that professional look.

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MiroPure 300ml Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffusers with 7 Color LED Lights plus free Measuring Cup, Wood Grain design 


💕 reasonably priced

💕 ultrasonic diffuser

💕 soothes and relaxes

💕 300 ml capacity

💕 7 colour LED lights

💕 a great nightlight

💕 power adapter included 

💕 100ml cup included

This is my first experience with an essential oils diffuser and I must say that thus far I am enjoying this immensely. It’s amazing just how good a diffuser in your home can be. 

This diffuser is attractive and looks fabulous in any room. It brings the look and feel of a salon in the comfort of your home. The fact that it glows with pretty lights makes it a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom decor as well.


This diffuser is ultrasonic which means a few things such as a very low noise of under 35 decibels. Also, it means that it will cover more square footage in a room when compared to other types of diffusers. Who can honestly say they wouldn’t want to have sweet smells oils everywhere instead of just a small space of a room right? I would definetly recommend an ultrasonic diffuser. This diffuser also acts as a humidifier too which is a great benefit to health if you don’t have any oils. That makes this diffuser versatile and of course wonderful.

Did you know there are so many great recipes on the internet for essential oils? This diffuser can help distribute all that goodness in your home. This product dosen’t come with oils so make sure you go out and get some. 

The diffuser has a capacity to hold up to 300ml of water. That can take you through the night without worries. It has an automatic shut off feature should water run out. Also, it has 4 timer settings which is convenient and gives you options. Don’t forget that it does come with a nice 100ml cup to help with pouring.

Another great thing I love about this is that it is super easy to clean. It takes me literally a few minutes to wipe down and that’s it. I love easy maintenance don’t you?

In general, this diffuser is a great starter diffuser for a newbie like me who wants to have more natural ways of healthy living.

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Say bye bye to stinky smelly poos with AirWick’s VIPOO Toilet Perfume Spray in Lavender Superstar. Let’s face it we all do the stinky “do: right? Well now with the help with this deodorizer you can actually trap the stinkyness in the toilet bowl where it belongs. How impressive is that?

The VIPOO toilet perfume comes in an attractive spray bottle which gives you up to 300 sprays per 100 uses. That’s a lot of great freshness in one bottle. A spray bottle can easily be brought along in your purse for those on-the-go bathroom visits that sometimes can be quite the embarrassing poopy experience. 

It is super easy and quick to use VIPOO. All you have to do is spray 3-5 sprays on the toilet water. You will have to figure out for yourself just how many sprays you will need as each individual is different. From my own experience with the product, I find 3 sprays is sufficient. The spray will form a trap over the water keeping stinky smells from arising. When you flush there is no stinky smells and no gross smells in the air either. Now that’s a refreshing experience.

The Lavender Superstar scent is absolutely amazing and I have always loved anything lavender. The VIPOO is made with essential oil so you know that the scent is going to linger around for a while. It’s a superstar in my books.

If your looking for a new way to keep your personal bathroom experiences personal than you might like to keep this in mind. It’s a far better solution than an air freshener aerosol spray.

Disclaimer: I’m One of the lucky ones chosen by the Home Testers Club. I tested this spray for free as part of the AirWick VIPOO campaign.

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Garlic Press,LOVKITCHEN Garlic Press and Peeler Set.Durable Stainless Steel Mincer and Silicone Tube Roller


❤️ reasonably priced

❤️ easy to use 

❤️ dishwasher safe 
This garlic press is a must-have for anyone who loves that yummy garlic taste. My hubby and I both love garlic and this is definetly a great buy for us.

We always cooked with garlic powder especially when it came to preparing our hamburger meat. This garlic press now let’s us explore and enjoy garlic in a whole different form.

The garlic press does an amazing job at pulverizing the garlic making it into a mushy texture. It is perfect to use the garlic in this form to cook with.I especially love garlic butter and this is a great tool to help me make it.

The press is easy to use and very quick. It takes literally a second to get the results you want. What is nice about this is the fact that it comes with a rubberized garlic Peeler. That works great too. Everything is easy to clean making it a quick and easy process.

I’m really enjoying eating garlic this way. So simple and convenient. This is definetly a kitchen gadget I would recommend if you love garlic as much as we do.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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Joly Joy Automatic Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Saver Vacuum Sealing System Preserve & Store Food, Includes Vacuum Sealer Bags 


❤️ Worth every penny! 

❤️ lots of great benefits 

❤️ easy to use 

❤️ 10 bags included

❤️ seals and preserves foods 

❤️ kitchen must have 

Jolly Joy’s Automatic Vacuum Sealer is a great addition to my kitchen for so many reasons. We are a family of 4 and this sealer makes storing our food extremely easier.

There are a lot of great benefits to having a vacuum sealer instead of your traditional Tupperware dishes. I am so glad I invested in this new way of storing my food.

Did you know?

 ⁃ it increases shelf life

 ⁃ Reduces food loss from freezer burn

 ⁃ Seals freshness and flavours 

 ⁃ Takes less room in your freezer

 ⁃ Quick and easy to use

Thos are just a few facts that I decided to switch from Tupperware to a vacuum sealer.

This machine is powerful and very quick. It gets the job done literally in a minute or so. It is attractive so it looks good on the countertop. 

It’s super quick and easy to use. I had no issues figuring it out. 

The performance is phenomenal. It does a great job sucking all the air out of the bag and sealing my food inside. It really impressed me and my husband. 

Overall, we are satisfied with this automatic vacuum sealer. It makes sealing and storing our food more convenient, simpler, and less stressful. Above all, keeps our food lasting and fresher.

❤️ Amazon Purchase Link:

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