Avidlove Women Sexy Lingerie Teddy One Piece Lace Halter Babydoll Bodysuit Black L 
Pros:πŸ’• worth every penny

πŸ’• various sizes & colours

πŸ’• extremely sexy

πŸ’• 65% cotton, 35% polyester 
Fancy, exquisite, and alluring is how I would describe this piece of lingerie from Avidlove. It’s definitely a nice choice to spice up playtime.

The material is silky soft in the breast area. Totally see-through and very inviting. I must say this is pretty because of the fancy decorative material which makes the bottom of the bodysuit very exquisite. Your back is all exposed which I love. It’s all around a cute sexy piece.

My colour preference was black as it suits me but there are a variety of colours to choose. There are different sizes so any body size can enjoy it. I went with a large and fits perfectly. Avidlove does provide au size chart so consult with that before guessing because I’m normally a medium but I’m actually a large with their lingerie. 

The overall material is somewhat stretchy and form fitting. Super comfy and not itchy. To me, everything screams wonderful.

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HydraSense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit


πŸ’• Really works

πŸ’• Gentle on Baby

πŸ’• Cleans perfectly
When I came across the HydraSense Nasal Aspirator Kit, I immediately knew that this was what I was looking for in a nose cleaning device. I have purchased so many knows suckers in the past and was disappointed every time until this one came along. Even the one I received from the hospital was garbage. Sad to say.

I swear by this product. It works and let me tell you that if you try this you will not be disappointed. My 15-month-old has had a lot of sickness since birth. She gets a lot of mucus in her nose every time she gets sick. It is thick and the nasal aspirator device clears her out perfectly. 

The kit only comes with a couple of filters and vials of saline. It is just enough to get you started. You can purchase these separately.

The only negative to the nasal device is it comes apart very easily. I don’t understand why the company made this device like that. But that is the only flaw. It doesn’t compromise how this device works.

I recommend this for every mother. You will not be disappointed. I am really passionate about products that work well for babies as I have two young children and I love sharing knowledge that I have come across.

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3D VR Headset, Archeer Foldable Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses Lightweight for Video Movie Game Portable VR Box with Protective Case Compatible for iPhone 7/6s Samsung and Other “4-6” Inch Smartphones, Blue 


πŸ’• fun

πŸ’• comfortable 

πŸ’• case included

πŸ’• 3D experience
If you like 3D virtual reality gadgets than you’ll surely get some enjoyment from these VR goggles. It’s so real and certainly loads of fun. This would be cool for teenagers.

The goggles come in a hard plastic storage case which is perfect for keeping protected.

The way it works is to first find a side by side VR video on YouTube. There are so many to choose. Then clip your phone onto the goggles. The lens width can be adjusted to match the distance between your eyes. Lastly, just place your goggles on your head. Easy right?

Basically, it’s a pretty neat way to enjoy the 3D lifelike effect from your smartphone.

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iVoler Apple iPad 2/3/4 9.7 inch Screen Protector with Ultra Clear 9H Hardness Tempered Glass forApple iPad 2/3/4 9.7 – Lifetime Replacement Warranty

πŸ’• affordable

πŸ’• easy to install

πŸ’• protects well

πŸ’• scratch resistant 
I’m sure we can all agree that Apple iDevices are very fragile when it comes to their displays. That is why I always choose a tempered glass screen protector. 

This particular brand has a tempered glass screen protector that is easy to install and scratch resistant. These are two features that I look for in a protector.

My iPad 4 is always used by my daughter Who is four years old. With that said, you know that kids can be rough or drop things very easily. Let’s just say my iPad has taken a few tumbles. My display screen is still perfectly intact and looks as great as it did brand new. I owe it all to a good case and tempered glass.

πŸ’• Amazon Purchase Link:

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Ecandy Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Foldable Bluetooth Headset with 3.5mm Audio Cable Stereo Earphones with Mic Support SD Card and FM for iPhone, Tablets, Smartphone and Enabled Bluetooth Devices (Gold) 


πŸ’•worth every penny

πŸ’• awesome sound quality

πŸ’• foldable and compact 

πŸ’• 3.5 mm cable included 

πŸ’• Bluetooth connectivity

πŸ’• FM radio

πŸ’• tested with iPhone 7+ and Apple TV 4th Gen

Are you looking for a multi functional set of headphones that is jammed packed with awesome features? Well look no further because this product is exactly just that and more.

First, they are super comfortable with their ergonomic design. The headband is adjustable and will fit mostly anyone. I have listened to my music for over an hour and my head and ears were not bothered. 

The headphones are straightforward to figure out. I did not need the included instructions. It took literally a few minutes to setup with Bluetooth. There is a 3.5 mm cable included for those who prefer not to use Bluetooth. It’s nice to have both options.

You can literally control everything by your headphones. The control buttons are located on the ear muff. There is even a FM radio built in to this. How flippin cool is that! Another cool feature is your headphones has a built-in voice that informs you that Bluetooth is connected. Seems like everything was thought of.

Now here’s the good part… the sound quality. It’s great! Exactly what I was hoping for. Feels like your right there experiencing the music on a whole different level. I love cranking my music by Pitbull or Bruno Mars up and it sounds awesome. No distortion.

These headphones surpassed my expectations. I am definitely recommending them to anybody Who is looking for this kind of item. I am thoroughly enjoying my new set of headphones.

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Fitness Tracker, Gosund C6 Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Bracelet Fitness Band with Pedometer, Call, SMS Reminder, IP66 Waterproof(Purple)

πŸ’• 3 colours to choose 

πŸ’• track steps, calories, distance

πŸ’• heart rate monitoring

πŸ’• Bluetooth connectivity 

πŸ’•tested with iPhone 7+.
I’m all about fitness these days. I have always wanted a pedometer but a few I’ve had in the past were not accurate whatsoever. This smart bracelet isn’t the case. The accuracy is spot on.

Although my main reason of getting this bracelet was solely for the pedometer, I must say this is jam packed with other convenient features. The Bluetooth tracking app is awesome as I love tracking my progress.

The only downfall is I find the heart monitoring a bit off but it’s not that important to me.
Overall, this smart bracelet  is meeting my needs and I do like it very much.

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Avidlove Womens Lingerie Fishnet Badydoll Mesh Hole Mini Dress Strap Chemise Blue 


πŸ’• one size fits most

πŸ’• variety of colours to choose

πŸ’• made of nylon and spandex
This is a beautiful piece of lingerie that I adore. It is revealing, comfortable, and of course very sexy.

The material is made of nylon and spandex which makes this piece of lingerie stretchy to fit any body type. I am an average size woman who has still a little bit of love handles from having children so finding lingerie is a little tricky for me. This is form fitting and tucks the tiny imperfections and makes me feel confident and beautiful.

This is very revealing but it actually Heights The breast, crotch, and bum area. It is unique and stylish. Blue is the colour I chose as it is my favourite colour but it also complements me as well.
I am enjoying wearing this sexy beautiful piece of lingerie.

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