Avidlove Womens Halter Sexy Lace Babydoll Bow Satin Teddy Lingerie Rose Red L 


πŸ’• variety of colours 

πŸ’• variety of sizes 

πŸ’• seductive

πŸ’• ties with ribbons
A gorgeous unique teddy from Avidlove. It is one of my favorite because it is revealing and totally see-through. If your are anything like me and absolutely adore teddy’s like this than I recommend you checking this out.

The whole front of the teddy is mesh see-through material and it all ties in the back with ribbon. What is fabulous about this is the fact that it is snug and totally adjustable. If I lose or gain weight that won’t matter. I like that very much. 

I only wish it came with a G-string. That would have been very nice to complete this. 

I’m loving it and it fits me perfectly. I would recommend the rose red colour. It is pretty and suits this teddy. I also went with a large size since I find Avidlove’s sizes one size bigger than I would normally be. I never had any issues with their clothing not fitting.

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Avidlove Women Halter Lingerie Lace Cup Chemises Satin Sleepwear Mini Nightgowns Dark Red L 

πŸ’• variety of sizes

πŸ’• variety of colours

πŸ’• elastic band under bust

πŸ’• comfortable sleepwear

πŸ’• G-string included
I must admit I am addicted to lingerie from Avidlove. They make such gorgeous and alluring lingerie pieces. This one in particular is just one of many beautiful pieces they have created.

This satin chemise is extremely light and silky to the touch. It is a great piece for playtime and quite comfortable to lounge around in providing your just with your partner or alone. The breast area is all see through with the lacy mesh material that is rose patterns. This mesh goes into like a halter around the neck. No ties or buttons either which is nice around the neck. I like that there is an elastic underneath the breasts to help with support. That’s always a bonus. The chemise is knee height on me so it covers up down there which is too bad because it dosen’t show off the G-string which is included but that’s okay.

I chose the dark red colour and it is so much more vibrant than in the pictures on the product page. I also got a large size as I normally do because I never go wrong with that size. Just make sure you measure yourself to the best that you can.

Other than that I am loving this cute halter chemise. It’s another fabulous piece from this company.

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Joly Joy Cool Mist Humidifier, 4L Ultrasonic Humidifier diffuser, Whisper-quiet Operation, 3-Level Mist Modes, Automatic Shut-off, 360 Degree Rotatable Nozzle, Large Capacity ,For Home, Office, Bedroom, Living Room 


πŸ’• worth every penny 

πŸ’• ultrasonic

πŸ’• 3 mist modes

πŸ’• lots of health benefits 

πŸ’• automatic shut off

πŸ’• easy to clean

πŸ’• simple setup &I use
Jolly Joy’s Cool Mist Humidifier is a great purchase and offers everything I needed in a humidifier. Did you know there are many great health benefits a cool mist humidifier can give to you and your family? I sure didn’t until now and I wish I would have purchased one very long ago. It helps with breathing, sinuses, skin, and so much more. We can all surely benefit from this so I keep this humidifier running full time in my living room which is our main area.

This cool mist humidifier is far more superior than a warm mist one. It covers more area of a room and there is far less safety issues around children because a warm mist humidifier can potentially be harmful since it uses hot water. That alone is important to me as I have 2 young curious children.

This is an ultrasonic model and that means its super quiet because it uses a high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to evaporate water than a typical model which uses a noisy fan. I also like this one because it is easy to use and has 3 mist intensity options. Some additional features such as the 360 degree mist nozzle is pretty great as you can direct the mist in any direction you choose. It comes with a 4L canister with a handle. The water can last between 12-24 hours non-stop use. That’s pretty convenient since it will last the whole night.

The appearance of the humidifier is sleek and attractive. It is neat how the button is touch sensor instead of a typical push button. There is even a quick jingle when it is turned on. That’s a great feature. The 3 mist modes have different coloured lights to indicate which mode you are presently on. 

The overall performance is impressive. You can see and feel just how powerful this cool mist humidifier is. 

I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would definitely recommend this model. Every home should have one and benefit what it can offer. It is truly quite a useful machine.

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iPhone 7/7 Plus Armband & Armour Case Set-LOVPHONE Multifunctional Sport Running Armband + Premium Protective Case with Kickstand for iPhone 6/6S/7/7 Plus,Soft Elastic Strap with Key Holder 


πŸ’• multifunctional 

πŸ’• comfortable armband

πŸ’• secures your iPhone

πŸ’• stylish design

This iPhone 7 Plus armband is the perfect companion to take along wherever you go. It is very convenient if you are somebody that doesn’t want to take along a purse like me But still need to carry around a phone.

The armband is made of a comfortable stretchy material. It adjusts for any size of arm. The stitching is well done and overall appearance is stylish.

The hard shell case for your iPhone can either be used just as a case or it can be attached to the armband. It’s pretty multifunctional in that way. The casing is quite snug around the iPhone so there is no worries about it falling out if your running or doing whatever else. I think that is pretty amazing. 

Overall, I believe this will come in handy if your an active person and can’t live without your iPhone near by. It definitely is a neat accessory to have.

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TTSAM Mini Portable 3.5mm Pillow Dual Speakers with Extension Cord for MP3 MP4 CD iPod Phone (White) 


πŸ’• low price 

πŸ’• Great gift idea 

πŸ’• audio extension cord included 

πŸ’• compatible with 3.5mm devices
A portable speaker in your pillow… what a neat concept. I think its a new and fun way of listening to your favourite music. This would be great for those who love enjoying an audiobook or want to hear some calming nature sounds while you fall asleep. This would also be a neat gift idea for your teenager because we all know how much they listen to music right?

The setup was literally done in seconds and my pillow instantly started singing my favourite tunes. The speakers are small discs that are attached to an audio cable that supports all devices with a 3.5 mm jack. You even get an extension cable included. That was thoughtful and a great idea to include. A plastic device holder comes included too but I think it is a bit too flimsy to give my iPhone the security it needs standing up so I just lay it flat down in its case. I tested this on my iPhone 7+ using my 3.5 mm adapter that came with my phone. Everything works great.

I would recommend checking this out if you are into neat little gadgets like this that will give you more different ways of enjoying your music.

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ARCHEER Micro-Suction Cell Phone Stand Desktop Mount Holder Double sided available Charging Dock for Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, Moto G4 and other Smartphones or tablets, Silver

πŸ’• affordable

πŸ’• supports all devices

πŸ’• strong adhesive 

This iDevice holder brings a whole new concept of keeping your devices in an upright position for charging. I can place both my iPhone and iPad on the holder with no issues and both devices are secured. I honestly didn’t think the adhesive would be strong enough to stick and secure my iPhone 7+ but I was wrong. It’s super strong. 

I started using this holder to watch my movies on my iPhone. I turn it into landscape mode and stick it to the holder. Works perfectly and it is much more enjoyable to watch it like this. 

I would recommend checking it out if your looking for something like this. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. 

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The Best Selling 3×3 Speed Cube and the Best 2×2 Brain Teaser Cube in One Power Bundle:Perfect 3D Puzzle Gift Set for Everyone 


πŸ’• a bit expensive

πŸ’• a childhood favourite

πŸ’• fun brain teaser

πŸ’• 2 cubes included 

Have you ever played with the original Rubik cube as a child? I sure have. It was a childhood favourite toy of mine. I remember spending countless hours trying to solve it. After a while, I got pretty good at it. 

I came across these cubes on Amazon and decided to get them for my daughter to try. She likes to mess around with it. It would be quite hard for a 4 year old to solve but she has fun anyways.

This set of cubes come with two of them. A 3×3 and a 2×2 cube. Both cubes are very colourful. They maneuver quite easily. Pretty slick. They don’t seize up whatsoever.

They both came in their own nice packaging box with instructions. It’s a nice presentation overall. 

This would definitely be a great childhood tradition to carry on.

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