About Me

Hello, I'm Heidi and I am a Canadian Product Reviewer. I'm owner of Chikita's Reviews. As the name states, my site is all about my reviews of products that I have personally had experience with.

A little bit about me… I'm a 34 year old who lives in gorgeous PE, Canada. Yes, our beaches are beautiful and we do have red sand 😎. I am currently a mommy to 3 children ages 16, 4, and 1. So I'm obviously a busy 🐝. I'm a stay-at-home mom for now but I am a trained Medical Transcriptionist. 

Why a product reviewer? Well, I love trying new products and share my thoughts with family and friends. I love writing and reviewing is a creative way to express my opinions. It's important that consumers share their experiences with a company's product whether positive or negative. It helps that company grow and learn what their consumers needs are.

I review a variety of products. Below is a list of the types of reviews you'll come across on my site…
💕 baby items

💕 children items

💕 toys

💕 all sorts of beauty products

💕 household items & decor

💕 tech and gadgets 

💕 lingerie & adult items

Chikita's Reviews is dedicated to all my followers and the companies that I have had the pleasure of working with.

💕 if you are a company Who needs my reviewing service, please feel free to email me at heidiwhite@hotmail.ca

Yours Truly, Heidi