Lavender Body Peel

Pure Mineral Dead Sea Cosmetics


great price

all natural

contains Dead Sea salts 

lavender fragrance 

exfoliates and removes dry flaky skin

deeply cleanses skin


I’m in love with this body peel from Pure Mineral Dead Sea Cosmetics. I have been using this peel for over a week now and I enjoy its skin benefits so far. This Lavender body peel contains natural oils and salts from the Dead Sea. It’s worth investing in if you suffer from extremely dry skin like I do. Isn’t your body worth it? I know mine is…

The lavender body scrub is easy to use. I apply it when I am in the shower. I spend a few minutes giving my dryer areas extra attention. I gently rub the peel everywhere. It does an amazing job at exfoliating and with my dry skin I need that. Once done I let it sit on my body for a few minutes to soak up then rinse it off. It gets a bit messy in the shower and slippery too so I recommend using a bath mat to prevent slipping.

The first thing I notice when I am out of the shower is how much softer and refreshing my skin feels. I’m covered in the natural oils from the peel. I am so used to feeling dry and tight but when I use this peel I don’t get that. It’s so much more comfortable being in my skin. It’s recommended to use a body butter after use so I usually pat dry myself and then apply the butter. It’s a great skin regimen to follow for beautiful nourishing skin that is soft and silky.

Overall, I have been enjoying my experience with this body peel. I love its beautiful lavender scent, its ease of use, and all its healthy skin benefits.

About this company:

Pure Mineral Dead Sea Cosmetics was founded in 2000. They have created a wide variety of luxurious beauty productssuch as moisturizers,masks, body peels, body butters, bath salts, and much more. Their products are sold worldwide. You can check out all their products and get tons of information from their website. They are a company that has their customers best interest in mind so if you have any questions they are very happy to help.



Author: Heidi White

I'm Heidi and I reside in gorgeous Prince Edward Island. I'm 34 years old and I consider myself to be an outgoing bubbly young lady. Currently, I am a stay-at-home mommy and I do have plans to go back to work as a Medical Transcriptionist in the near future. As for family life, I 'm happily engaged to my amazing fianc矇 of 7 years. We have 3 adorable girls, ages 16, 3, and 1. We have a busy life but a good one. When I am not chasing after my younger children, I spend my free time doing things I absolutely love. I practice the piano with awesome tutorials that I find on YouTube. Reading is therapeutic to me after a crazy hectic day. Movies are entertaining too. Tech stuff is interesting and I find messing around with gizmos & gadgets a hobby. Guess I'm a bit of a geek lol. I am also a product tester and I enjoy it. I do it for fun and love when new products work for me. In the past, I have tested beauty products, toys, foods, and household items. Sharing honest reviews are important because companies need to know what their consumers think of their products. I hope my profile gives you all a little insight of who I am. Thank you very much for visiting.

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